it’s so hot that…

it’s so hot that all the local stores are sold out of fans. i’ve tried target, walmart, frys, and a few home depots. they are all sold out of fans because of the recent 100+ degree weather we’ve been getting here. that’s just not right. i might have to drive back to santa cruz where it’s not over 75 to see if they have any fans in stock…

hawaii – day 1

i went to hawaii the week before last and had a blast. i’ve been to hawaii a few times already so all of the touristy things have been done. i got to do a lot of things that i haven’t done and that was quite a treat. i don’t think we ever set foot on waikiki beach. that is a first for me. christi took some pictures while we were there too.

the first thing that we did when we got in was to go to the dive shop to pick up the materials for my scuba certification. i was bummed to find out that there was so much reading material that needed to be done. the classroom work started the next day and i needed to have read the entire scuba certification manual and done all of the tests at the end of the chapter. i refused to call it homework and asked everyone around me to refer to it as “happy fun reading time”. it wasn’t that happy. =P

we stayed at ben and sonya’s place the first night and ben and sonya celebrated their one year anniversary by going out and having a nice dinner. christi went to alisa’s bridal shower, so i was all alone that night…

all alone at this gorgeous beach house whose backyard is the ocean. the ocean! all alone reading about pressure groups, o-rings, and other stuff that i didn’t really care so much about.

but i struggled through the chapters and finished the tests. ben and sonya came back, we chatted, and christi finally came back from the bridal shower too. we went to sleep tired from a long flight. the next day would be the first of three days of scuba certification.

crazy work week

it’s the end of the week already? i got back from my vacation earlier this week and here i am, completely flooded at work. things are simply crazy. i barely have any time to breathe.

i have tons of pictures, they will be here soon.

with all the change that is happening around here, i still managed to find time to get myself a nightstand. finally, at last! oh, how sweet it is.