roof rack

i’m in the process of buying a roof rack for my car. i’m getting it in pieces and it’s a maddening process. i’m such a craigslist addict right now. i’ve missed a few deals already so i’m trying to keep up to date with it in case the rack of my dreams is for sale.

speaking of which, i was in the car the other day and because i am looking to buy a roof rack, whenever a car passes me on the road, i will check it out.

me: woah, check out THAT RACK!
friend: where?
me: right over there!
friend: …
friend: you aren’t talking about a girl, are you?
me: *blink, blink* what?!

busier than your average bear

the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. i’m not sure where to start.

i went to watch star wars friday night. the movie was excellent. way better than i expected. the only thing that i would have to comment on is that natalie portman looked incredibly ugly throughout the movie. especially the scene where she was out on the balcony in the cool night air, i thought it must have been a joke how bad she looked.

saturday was a day of volleyball. there was something like 25 people that showed up for volleyball. it was great fun and though i did get a little sunburned, it was well worth it. i don’t think that i’ve seen so many people at the park playing volleyball before, but it was pretty cool.

sunday started earlier than it probably should have. i went wine tasting in sonoma. the wine tasting consisted of a bunch of us biking around sonoma from winery to winery and sampling various wines. some of the wineries there were just amazing to look at. there was a wilson winery with what looked like a cesspool in front of the vineyards that bubbled up smelly goo. that was pretty gross.

i had dinner at sundance steakhouse in palo alto. man, i really do love prime rib. it’s been far too long since i’ve had my fix of meat.

monday was spent relaxing. i picked up a used yakima ankle biter bike tray for my yet to be bought bike rack. it’s all coming together. i then headed off for a memorial day bbq. that was pretty fun, i got to check out a really nice grill and eat some good food.

all in all the weekend was pretty amazing and fun. it’s nice to be surrounded by good friends and good times.

picture this

i am getting ready to go play volleyball. i am vain enough to gel my hair even though i know i’m going to be sweaty and my hair is going to fuzz out, but i don’t care. so i’m gelling my hair and blow drying it because my hair is still too short and if left unchecked i will look like a porcupine.

so, the blow dryer is on and i’m patting my hair down. it is being a little uncooperative so i turn the sink on a little to get my hand wet to pat down the hair. as i am patting it down, i’m about done so i reach over to unplug the blow dryer while it is still on. why i don’t turn off the blow dryer, i don’t know.

so i’m reaching over to unplug it and i notice the little electrical shock warning on the cable. i think to myself, “oh my hand is wet, i better not get electricuted.” and then i think to myself, “maybe i should dry my hand.”

but i press on. i don’t know what happened next, but i’m reaching over with my wet hand to unplug it when all of a sudden i lose my balance. i grab the sink to prevent me from falling (which still has running water) and in my other hand is the blow dryer. instinctively i brace for my fall with my other hand and i see in slow motion the blow dryer headed for the running water, still in hand.

i have a freak-out split second and then i don’t know why this thought comes into my head, but i think to myself, “i sure could use a donut right now.”

i didn’t get electricuted. my blow dryer is fine. my hair is fine. i still want a donut, though.


i told myself that i would cut down on my sweets intake. every week at work we have what’s called nosh thursdays. this is where the company will bring in bagels, donuts, juice and the like for everyone.

i went to the kitchen, picked up a donut, started eating it, and by the time i got back to my office, i just remembered that i had told myself that i would cut down on the sweets. if my memory weren’t so bad, i might actually make some headway on this.


i know my friends will think it’s totally lame, but i sort of want the pedalite. they are replacement pedals for your bike that uses the rotational energy to power LEDs embedded in the pedals. how cool is that?

i bet it looks pretty stupid, though. but still, it doesn’t want me from wanting it.

2nd pair of BR jeans

i’ve been wearing what i considered to be the looser of the two jeans that i bought from BR a while ago and i think that i started to finally get used to them. so, of course, i decide that i need to go and wear the other pair that i thought was way too tight.

man, i know that these jeans aren’t really that tight, not like 80s jordache jeans tight, but i feel rather uncomfortable. jen said they look fine, so i’m going to try them out and see if i can survive the day in them…not like i have much of a choice now.

i think the most annoying thing about these jeans is that i don’t think that i can comfortable keep my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets. what’s the point in having pockets if, by putting things in them, they are uncomfortable and juts out at you? anyway, i can put my wallet in my back pocket, but it’s uncomfortable sitting down. the back pocket is positioned in a weird place relative to my normal sitting position.

a friend from vegas was telling me about how she has to stretch out her jeans before she goes out so that they are more comfortable. i didn’t realize that there was so much work involved in wearing jeans.

pearl tea, life, and other such things

last night leeya and i had pearl tea and caught up with each other’s lives. it’s been a while since the two of us went out alone and we were talking about all sorts of things.

i think that i am fairly opinionated when it comes to how i deal with my friendships and relationships. i don’t know if i am as stubborn as i am strong with my convictions, but she made a point to me about how i ought to try to be more open minded when it comes to people who i felt have wronged me.

i didn’t believe that she was right, but i also recognized that i could be a little bullish, so i decided to make an effort to extend the lines of friendship again. i don’t know why i have so many complicated friendships with so many people. sometimes it really boggles my mind. but i sent my friend an email today to explain some of the frustrations that i’ve felt and i think that i feel a whole lot better about it.

it’s strange because it was just yesterday that i felt that i had so many issues with this person, but they have all seemed to melt away after i sent the email and we talked things through. i don’t know why i get so difficult sometimes. it makes me wonder.

but i’m glad that i followed her advice and i’m glad that things all worked out. sometimes i think we all need to be taken out of our comfort zone to achieve a greater appreciation for the world.

sunburned and peeling

the last few days have been pretty stressful. i’m just finally getting a second to catch my breath. after the tournament yesterday, i’ve been pretty sunburned. i have a nasty ankle brace tan, but those tan lines are fading and my arms aren’t nearly as dark as they once were.

my face was a lovely shade of lobster red and my lips sting whenever they touch anything remotely spicy. i was sitting in a meeting this morning and i was rubbing my chin as i quite often do when i’m deep in thought and then i see little flakes of skin fall down onto my notebook.

i glance around to see if anyone saw that face is peeling off onto my lap, but it seems that everyone was quite engrossed in the presentation that we were having. excellent. so then i casually give my face a little feel to see how badly i’m peeling and i realize that my whole face must resemble a desert wasteland. i’m feeling like crazy and i tried very hard throughout the meeting not to touch my face anymore.

after the meeting, i went to the bathroom to give my face a good wash. hopefully, it’s better now. my lips are terribly chapped though and they sting. i need to do something about it.

if i had a gf, i would cozy up to her and tell her in the cutest voice i could possibly muster that i have a boo boo. i would ask her if she would kiss it for me and make it better. when she asks me where it is, i would point at my dry, cracking lips. i would imagine that it would be about this time that she would look at my lips, gag in disgust and walk away.

i don’t get lucky in my own daydreams.

maybe it’s a good thing that i’m single now, that way i won’t have to deal with that kind of rejection. =P

JACL GrassSet tournament

today was the JACL GrassSet tournament that jen and i organized. i think the tournament went quite well, so i’m pretty happy about that. there are some loose ends to finish off, but aside from that, it seems to all be good.

it was a lot of work to put the teams together, i was really surprised at how much was involved, but the day of the tournament went by pretty smoothly, so i’m pretty happy that it all went well.

my team did pretty well, several people were giving us a hard time about sandbagging and if you look at our record, it might seem like that, but i think that we were in the right pool. i had a lot of fun with the team. we won our pool and got some shirts. i think that everyone had fun, i was really worried about some of the teams that were playing but i think it all worked out.

exes and friends

i’ve been thinking lately about relationships, past, present, and future. i have always sort of thought that there would be some exes of mine that i can totally see being friends with. we have this shared past and a great connection and why wouldn’t we make good friends? especially if we have gotten over whatever hurdles we couldn’t overcome in our relationship? it should be easy to step back into a friendship, right?

so i was talking to a friend of mine today and she was telling me that maybe my expectations of what kind of friend i can be with my ex is unrealistic. that the kind of friendship that i have with an ex cannot be nearly as close as that with my other friends because of the history that we have had. i was going to protest and argue the other way, but then i started thinking about girls that i’ve dated and what kind of friends that we are now.

it makes me sad because i think that there are some exes that i can really be good friends with. i’m not sure if it is because we’ve gotten busy in our own lives or if we have just drifted apart or what, but we really aren’t the kind of friends that i think we could be.

and maybe that’s what i need to do is change my expectation level of what kind of friends i can be with my ex. maybe we really can’t be all that close, after all. is that really the case?