beg for mercy philly cheesesteak

i went to st. john’s bar and grill last night and had the beg for mercy cheesesteak. the cheesesteak was a lot hotter than i expected and by the end of the sandwich i really was begging for mercy. the cool thing about st. john’s is that they have very good daily specials. we got cheesesteaks because they were half off. what ordinarily is an eight dollar cheesesteak was only four. cheap!

chocolate tasting

it’s been a while, but i’ve been meaning to blog about a chocolate tasting that i went to. it was at this chocolate shop in san francisco called bittersweet. they basically will select several chocolates and give you a history of chocolate making and specifics about the particular chocolate that you are eating. it was very much like a wine tasting. who knew that there was so much history and care into chocolate making. the chocolate themselves were quite good and i must say that i was pretty full when done.

thanksgiving dinner

tomorrow is thanksgiving and i’m going to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go golfing with my dad and my brother. i don’t know why i agreed to go. i don’t like waking up early and i haven’t golfed in years. in fact, it has been so long since i last golfed that my brother took my clubs and i don’t have a set of my own anymore.

oh well. my brother is psyched about it. he has been playing more lately and he is ready to have some friendly competition. my sister was in town over the weekend, so we actually celebrated thanksgiving early this year. that means that there will be no thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s place.

this will be the first thanksgiving that i can recall where i won’t be spending it at my parent’s place. i actually will be spending it with my fiance’s family. i think a few years back it would have been a pretty stressful event to have dinner with the significant other’s family because i would fear that they would just judge me all the time. in my family’s dinners, we never brought anyone home for dinner, so that thought is just weird for me. it isn’t that my family is terribly unfriendly, it’s just that we never brought home our significant others.

this year, my sister and i both brought back our significant others and it was fine. dinner was nice and we all ate a nice dinner. it wasn’t as stressful as i thought it would be and it was just fine. i guess that’s how it is going to be from here on out, though. we’re going to split holiday dinners and the like.

at long last! bowling!

i went bowling a few days ago. it was quite a bit of fun. i went to the moonlight lanes in sunnyvale. games there cost $3.25 each!! and that’s supposed to be the CHEAP rate. sheesh.

anyhow, i bowled a 142, 146, and i think 157? something like that. i just can’t seem to break out of that range. oh well, they were pretty good scores for not having played that much. i kind of miss the weekly bowling outings. i wonder if we can get that started up again…

I said: brr… it’s cold in here…

forty-two brownie points if you know the next line of the quote above without having to look it up.

but it HAS been cold lately, let me tell you! so cold that i got a holmes whisper quiet heater fan. my room has been getting cold at night and i’ve been looking for something to replace my old, super loud heater that keeps me warm, but up at night. it’s quite nice.

i logged into epinions to write a review of the new heater that i got and i found out that waiting in my account is $75 worth of credit! man, i need to write some more epinions! that may be my new income!

an open letter to britney

dear britney,

i know it has been a long time since last i wrote to you, but we’ve both been pretty busy, haven’t we? i hear through the grapevine that you text’d k-fed and made him the fed-ex. good for you, girl! it’s about time that you got rid of that freeloading loser. i know, i know, you had good times with him and you had to go on and on about your love life with him on the awful tv reality show chaotic that you thought would be a good idea.

lemme tell you something, brit, you’re not that innocent. i know that you are stronger than yesterday, and i’m glad that you ditched the loser because you drive me crazy when you do stupid stuff like that.

your bestest fan,

carl’s jr. loaded burrito

i was hungry on the way to work so i decided to stop by carl’s jr. and pick up a loaded breakfast burrito. it was more substantial than the taco bell breakfast burritos back when they still had them and it was quite tasty. this may become a more regular breakfast item for me when i’m hungry. i’m not a big breakfast person, but this was a good treat.