bad dreams

i’ve been having a lot of bad dreams lately.  i don’t know what that is all about, but i’ve been waking up feeling unrested and tense.

the last dream i had was about being chased by cannibals.  isn’t that nuts?  i don’t even know any cannibals.

finding neverland and the terminal

i recently watched finding neverland.  i really enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anybody who hasn’t seen it.  johnny depp always adds an extra dimension to his characters that i think was really necessary for the role he played.  the story is well known and well told.

i also recently watched the terminal.  if you have seen this movie could someone please explain to me what catherine zeta-jones’ role was all about?  there was a moment in the movie when the big reveal about the purpose of victor’s visit to the states seemed to be my favorite part of the whole movie, but then she had to ruin it…completely ruin her entire relationship with him and piss all over it.  it was infuriating and i didn’t get the purpose of it at all.

my new favorite part of the movie is when the janitor stops the plane with his mop.  that was hilarious.

i recommend this movie, too.  go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

i have started to use my netflix account again, but i don’t have any netflix friends.  if you want to be my netflix friend, let me know.  i feel lonely.  =P

it’s been a stressful week

it’s been stessful here lately.  the most daunting task now is the big move.  i gave notice and now i have less than thirty days to get together all of my belongings and get it moved out.

i’ve been doing some research on chinese movers because i’ve heard that they are cheap.  the general consensus is that they can be cheap, but they also are cheap for a reason.  many of them are bandits and have been heard to hold your belongings for hostage unless you pay them more money.  i’ve heard stories about some claiming that they have licenses, but instead they use other moving company’s legitimate licenses and they, in fact, are not licensed or insured.  i guess that all makes sense because you wouldn’t be able to move so cheaply otherwise.  but what i’ve read the most is that if you aren’t chinese, you are far, far more likely to get ripped off.

i think that i’m going to end up using a legitimate company.  moving is expensive!

all good things must come to an end

i’m moving out.  after over six years of living in the same apartment with the same roommate, i’m finally moving out on my own.  it’s a big year of change.  first the big three-oh and now this.  who knows what else is in store for me this year.

the thing with moving is that i really hate looking around and spending forever just looking at places so i’m pretty impulsive when it comes to big life altering changes like this.  i started casually looking and calling places last week and i just signed the lease agreement today.  the place seems nice and i like the apartment manager so i think that it’ll work out just fine.

i’ll be living more in the heart of san jose now.  i’ll hopefully be closer to everything instead of far away from it all.

part of the club

i didn’t think that it would have happened so quickly.  maybe i had been delaying it, hoping that if i could somehow wait it out, it would have been better.  but it has felt like forever, but now i am part of the club.

the FF club, that is.  i haven’t really had an opportunity to really see what it means to be part of this oh-so-exclusive club, but i’m excited at what this means.  will it be all that i had dreamed it up to be?  will it be better?  who knows?

but indeed, i have made my entrance into the FF club with the canon 5D.

hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo, nurse!

great bday

i had a wonderful 30th birthday.  the big three-oh came and went and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as everyone had said that it would be.  i did get a little tipsy and the room did spin at one point, but i didn’t get smashed.  it’s just not dignified to be at my old age.

we went to the fahrenheight ultra lounge in downtown san jose and had dinner and chilled there for the evening.  it was an evening surrounded by good friends and good times.  i’m glad that everyone had come to help celebrate the good times.

i’m not sure how else i would have wanted to celebrate.

thank you again for all who came and for those who were unable to, thank you for the well wishes.

it’s my birthday and i’ll cry if i want to…

i woke up extra early today to attend an early meeting at work.  my initial thought was that i wasn’t going to go into work at all today, but then i got sucked into that meeting…and another meeting later in the day…and then a training session ALL DAY.  at least i got a few cool pictures from that.

i think that i’m just about ready to leave.  i’m tired and ready for a little relaxation.  i can’t wait for the weekend to come.

oh yeah…and it’s my birthday!  happy birthday to me and thanks to those who remembered and wished me a happy birthday.  it’s the big three-oh this year.  *shiver*

i’m not old, i’m just not young, either.

break time

there is a little cafe in cupertino village called break time.  they have recently started to offer wireless internet access to their patrons so jen and i went there to do some work.  she’s got some studying to do for her classes and i have more work than i know what to do with for work.

according to jen if no one is in their restaurant at 5pm, they close from 5pm to 7pm to have a break time of their own.  cute, huh?

jen, diana, and i met up before break time and we chatted for a bit.  she seems to be in high spirits, so that’s always good.

research pays off

i just did some research for the company and as a result of my research, i think i just saved the company $13k x 2 = $26,000!  i think i should get a $20,000 bonus and the company can still save $6,000.

i think that would be a great, great idea.

somebody go tell management about that, ok?