no time to blog

it has been so busy that i’ve had no time to blog. not that it really matters, i don’t really have much to report in the blog anyway. work has been busy, i have something like 60 bugs that have been issued to me to fix. 60. that is 59 more than i wanted to fix. but hey, who’s counting? our stupid bug tracking program is…and it sends me emails happily telling me about more new bugs that are in my code.

it’s silly, really, that i have such frustration on a piece of software. really, it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

luckily the root beer float that i had earlier did help calm my nerves. now i think it’s about time to call it a day and start my weekend away. ahhh, the precious weekend.


aac+ streams

i have to say that i’m pretty impressed with the quality of the aac+ streams. such little bandwidth, yet such high quality.

[url=][/url] has a list of stations that stream in this format.

is it the mp3-killer?


ice cream sundae!

every so often when one of the finance guys comes from the east coast office to our office, he’ll also have a special sundae treat for us. right now there’s something like 10 gallons of ice cream at the break room waiting to be eaten. i think that i may have a 5 scoop sundae today!

i was just feeling like i needed a little pick me up too!


javatown stop

it seems that i’m beginning to regularly hang out here at javatown in santa clara. i guess it’s sort of convenient because it’s very close to citybeach and i’ve got some time to kill before citybeach starts. i’m hoping for a good game today.

the nice thing is that they have free wireless at this coffee shop and they make a pretty good caramel machiato.

today’s been a pretty chill kind of a day.



i have been watching this show on tv and i have to say that i do believe that i like the show. the one thing about the show that i’m not so fond of, however, is the star patricia arquette. maybe it’s my teeny bopper ways, but i do think that i would love the show if it had some kind of young teeny bopper-esque star who would be talking to these dead people. i think that’s the one thing that is missing from the show.

but i still do like it.


while doing laundry

i was doing laundry this weekend and after i heard the buzzer for the end of the drying cycle, i opened up the dryer to see a site that was rather unexpected. unexepected in the sense that when one usually opens the dryer door, open expects to see clothes…dry clothes.

instead, what i saw was not only slightly disturbing, but rather puzzling too. neatly placed on top of my pile of clothes was a new pack of orbit gum, still in the packaging.

oh man…apparently i had left the pack of gum in my jeans and it survived the wash cycle and made it all the way into the dryer. i was afraid at first that the package had opened and all of my clothes were gummed up together, but alas, i was lucky that it was still in the packaging and so i threw it out, smelled my clothes to see if i needed to wash them again, and decided it was safe.

so if i have a super minty scent when you next see me…well, it’s from the special load of clothes.


why i read gg’s blog

because [url=]she writes things like this[/url] that make me laugh out loud:

thank God i don’t collect them anymore (i proudly walk by Ty displays now without the least bit of compromised will power or temptation), but had you known me in 1997… that was a sad sight. :p i keep telling myself, whenever i look at the tub full of pvc pelleted goodness, someday i will part with them… someday.

much like these hunger pangs and general feelings of inadequacy.

you don’t find a sense of humor like that everyday, folks. you really don’t.



i’m going to step up on my soapbox for a little bit and start a little lecture to the world…hopefully, i won’t end up ranting, but we’ll see.

the world is a big, scary place. it’s true. we can all live in our little comfort zones if we wanted, but that just makes your own world very small. that’s ok, if you want things to be like that and it is completely your right to do just that.

however, i know of several, several people right now who are lamenting about current love life situation. be it that they are in an unhappy relationship or that they are pining over someone, but don’t know what to do.

it’s hard, i know, but inaction is not the course to take. the world is not going to magically work out in your favor and the sooner you realize that and start to create situations for yourself the sooner you will stop lamenting about nothing happening. now…granted, you could be lamenting about rejection, but i don’t really understand why people are so afraid of rejection. i mean, really. what’s the worst thing that can happen?

let me tell you.

some people like the thrill of just being into someone. and if all you want is that thrill, then that’s cool. i get that. i’ve been there, and i know what it’s like. but if you want more than the thrill, then you’ve got to do something about it. you can’t just hope that someone will take notice of you and actively pursue you. trust me…i’ve tried to will other people into pursuing me with NO LUCK WHATSOEVER.

be bold. be courageous. be like the blind man who says, “i see! it’s all coming back to me now,” as he pees into the wind. just go out, put yourself out there and see what happens. what is the worst that can happen? well, rejection seems to be the thing that everyone is afraid of. and yes, rejection sucks, but what’s worse: rejection or never having a chance?