all that stress

it seems like it’s been more stress than fun lately. i need to bring the fun back into my life. yes, i do. fun fun fun now that daddy took the t-bird away…

man, i have been watching way too much grease you’re the one that i want! that show is great though. i’ve been struggling lately with tv. i think that i’m all caught up, which seems ridiculous with the amount of tv that i watch. it’s almost physically impossible for me to ever catch up. i don’t get it.

i’ve decided to leave my monday night team. i think that i’m going to make mondays more of an activity day for me. maybe it’ll be the return of the bowling night. i think that i’m going to start hiking again, too. i’ll see if i can start a few hikes after work. with daylight savings upon us, i should be able to get out with enough light for a hike. i remember when i used to love hiking. i don’t know what happened to those days. i think i just got lazy.

next week i will be in ORLANDO. i will be staying at a hotel in the disneyworld complex, i believe. it should be interesting. i’m trying to get myself into some VIP parties while i am there, but trying to qualify as a VIP is much harder than one would think. you’d think that at tradeshows, being a VIP just means that you need to be breathing, but apparently that’s not the case. i’m going to be bringing my camera with me. i struggle bringing the behemoth of a camera because it’s such a pain to carry around, but i think i’m gonna do it. it’ll be worth it. i haven’t taken a picture in MONTHS.

there has been SO MUCH WORK lately in preparation for this show. we are doing really cool stuff, though, so i think that makes it worthwhile.

i had dinner with dardy the other day at the new mexican place on castro street. the burrito i had was DELICIOUS. delicious if you are into SUPER GREASY burritos. man…all that grease…is the word…

i don’t think that i can have a burrito like that again…i’ve been trying to eat more healthy lately. i’m not sure how that’s really going yet, but we’ll see.

oh man…i still have pictures from the cayman islands i need to post.

so what’s been going on?

what has been going on lately? well, last week, i found out that i had to travel to the east coast for work. things have been nuts at work, so i’m trying to wrap up so that i can fly out. tickets are purchased, hotels are reserved, and i’m all set to go.

i get out to the east coast for what was supposed to be a two day trip (1 day travel, do the meeting and fly back that night). what ends up happening though is that the meeting gets postponed and we miss our flight back. so we book for the next day and i swear, i don’t know why, but after leaving the hotel a little before 8AM, i don’t set foot back into my apartment until 6PM. flying back to the west coast isn’t supposed to take this long!

the trip went well, the east coast is ridiculously cold. it snowed while i was there. brrrrr. cold. what possesses people to live in that kind of a climate, i just don’t know. seriously. what is the deal? i know, i know, i’m a big wimp, but i’ve been spoiled with california weather. i take it for granted sometimes, but it is trips like this that really make me appreciate what i have.

speaking of things that i have, what i don’t have anymore is money. yeah, christi and i made an offer to buy a house and with that offer, we put 3% down. i wrote the check for the 3% down and let me tell you. that is the biggest check i’ve ever written in my life.

i told christi that it was only after having met her have i ever written checks in the five digits before. she is an expensive girl! heh, i jest. i’m not sure what’s going to happen with the offer, but i’m hoping for good things!

we’ve finished up our marriage prep for the church so i think we’re all squared away there.

so let’s see, job, house, wedding…what else is there to talk about? oh yeah, i’ve caught up on all the tv that i’ve been missing and i now have nothing to watch. isn’t that amazing? nothing to watch at all. that’s just dreadful. i’ve even gone as far as to start watching BRITISH tv shows. that just goes to show you my level of desperation for some tv content.

so after being so busy for so long, i still have another business trip coming up at the end of the month. sheesh. all this hard word better pay off! i’m starting to get tired.

weekend update

i feel like i haven’t blogged in forever. it’s probably because…i haven’t really blogged in forever.

things here have been crazy. wedding planning has slowed, but the house hunting is back in full swing. we’re looking at a house that we want and we’re taking the steps to make an offer now. hopefully we can get all of this paperwork done and we’ll see what to do from there.

on to other things, i hung out with geoff the other day and he told me about his honeymoon and what steps he has to take now that he is married.

ah, married life. i was recently told that in general, guys get married thinking that things will stay the same, but girls get married thinking that things will change. what a conflict that that could be if that is the case. i think that christi and i have talked about things and i don’t think that we would expect things to change too much.

i think that things do change when kids are involved, though. kids. man, i can’t believe that i’m thinking about kids.

so hopefully within the next month or so we’ll have a house. that’ll be exciting. i wonder how much money we will spend trying to furnish the house. i think that we may have to go with a minimalistic style of home decor, not so much out of personal preference as it is that we still have a wedding to pay for!

this weekend was filled with work. among all of the other things going on, i have a lot of work that i need to do for a product launch at the end of the month. it’s crazy. the only nice thing is that i will be flying out to orlando at the end of the month for the launch/tradeshow. i’m hoping to get some R&R during the trip. i’m not sure if i will be able to explore much while i’m out there, but i’m hoping that i’ll be able to do a little bit.