Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • I don't know why it's so hard to edit the 9 mins of video I shot tonight down to less than 2 minutes. At 3.5 mins now and can't cut anymore. #
  • finally got down to about 1:40 of video. estimated encoding time: 30 minutes. ridiculous! #
  • why i love ben folds #
  • kyden eats rice cereal for the first time. #
  • Urghhhhh. Ate too much for lunch, but the three item combo at the Mexican restaurant beckoned. Flauta, chile relleno, and tamale. Mmmm. #
  • picked up some bbq sauce for christi today. a ridiculously expensive bottle of bbq sauce. #
  • Late start this morning. Does this mean that kyden's schedule is going to be an hour off all day? #
  • Kyden: how come you keep taking me to Mexican restaurants, daddy? Me: Mommy's not with us, it's our only chance! #
  • Found in almaden valley in San Jose. Think they got tired of all the white people pronouncing it wrong? #
  • saw the latest episode of life unexpected. still love it and is my favorite new show of the season. far better than modern family, IMHO. #
  • wikipedia is down? that can happen? #
  • kind of scary to think that something as innocent as a baby sling could kill babies. #
  • I don't know why there are so many Miley haters out there. Maybe not the best mentor choice, but her resume is impressive. #
  • youtube is down? 503s showing "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" first wikipedia, now youtube? who keeps breaking the internets? #
  • ah, and just as soon as i tweet about youtube going down, it is back up. #
  • March 24 birthdays – Peyton Manning, me, and now baby boy Logan Tai! #
  • The free @digg app comes to your iPhone! To celebrate they're giving out a custom iPad each day for 2 weeks! #
  • found a job. now i only have a few days left to enjoy the unemployed life. what to do? what to do? #
  • just watched coraline-great concept, beautiful set design, & amazing animation effort, but felt that the movie didn't live up to expectation #
  • At happy hollow zoo with kyden. #
  • 1 min 29sec of video is 213.6MB big at 720p. takes an hour for me to upload to youtube w/ my "fast" connection. time to upgrade! #
  • – finally making use of the i7 in this laptop, video encoding is very intense. #

youtube video uploads – what format?

i’ve been playing around with video encoding and it appears that i may have finally found my workflow. youtube supports the uploading and streaming of 1080p videos. at first, i thought that this would be great because my target resolution is 1080p anyway. i want to burn blu-rays and so keeping the resolution as high as possible seemed like a good idea.

what i did not realize was just how much larger a 1080p video is versus a 720p video. it is insane how quickly these files get big. i just edited a 1 minute 38 second video and the 720p version is 169.3MB. i think the problem is in large part the codec i’m using and i’m sure that i can compress the video further, but i’m a little hesitant to be too aggressive here because i want to maintain as much quality as i can. for kicks, i encoded the same 1:38 video at 1080p and the resulting file was 590.4MB. there’s just no way that i’m going to be able to store all of this video on my hard drive locally.

for youtube, i am going to upload 720p versions of the video, but i think that i’m going to have to keep the 1080p versions of the edited video as my source to burn blu-rays. that just means that i’m going to have to encode twice, once for youtube and once for media. not a perfect solution, but i think i’m starting to figure out the workflow.

and all this just for home movies of kyden!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Koda and I went to the dog park where he made friends with three little terriers & terrorized a bunch of pigeons. #
  • RT @ProFootballTalk: No sign of JaMarcus Russell at Raiders' workouts – I'm not a Raiders' fan but even I'm pissed at him #
  • Kyden's morning nap is turning into his afternoon nap. I keep checking to make sure he is breathing. #
  • Just set up the wireless video baby monitor for Kyden's afternoon nap. Now we can watch him sleep w/o getting up. #
  • Kyden, in addition 2 screaming @ the top of his lungs, also shows his displeasure w/ me by pinching me REALLY hard. I might buy him mittens. #
  • Sublimnal message to Kyden: you will like mexican food. #
  • Christi: Kyden is going to get pinched today! Me: How come? Christi: Because he isn't wearing green for St. Patricks day. Me: Ah, payback! #
  • Kyden, the Kyzilla terrorizing the land of the Exersaucer. #
  • Kyden, you will like pearl tea. #
  • Kyden, you will really like pearl tea. #
  • RT @TVGuide: Leno's Tonight Show Still Beating Letterman, But Not Like Before: – I've stopped watching after Conan mess #
  • decided to give modern family another try since everyone raves about it. i still don't get why people think it's so hilarious. #
  • Out for a stroll. #
  • Been having a lot of bad pearl milk tea lately, but finally satisfied my pearl milk tea craving at ten ren in Cupertino. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Blush froyo gives double stamps on rainy days! #
  • just got back from playing reverse co-ed vball. had a blast. #
  • kyden FINALLY is taking his morning nap. there's only 30 minutes left in this morning! #
  • I hate that Tea Era in mountain view is closed on Tuesdays. Went in for some pearl tea comfort and was met with a closed shop. #
  • Bad food day. Tried to get dinner from Chavez supermarket, king eggroll, jasmine thai, L&L, and they were all closed. #
  • after 6 months of no vball, i played back to back nights. 1st reverse coed, then 4's at open gym. i'm too old & too out of shape for this. #
  • After nearly starving last night, I think I will take Kyden to his first Costco trip. If he could pick 1 item, I wonder what it would be. #
  • Kyden and I out at Costco. I think he had the right idea, I'd rather be sleeping too. #
  • doing "homework" for a job interview. #
  • is it just me or is this season's american idol kind of a bust? i'm not terribly excited about very many of the contestants. #