Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-29

  • what time is it? Hot o'clock. #
  • Playing flight control while waiting for flight… #
  • At SEA Avis preferred booth only to find out it's closed and now having to wait in a line at garge longer than the one at the terminal. FAIL #
  • There's a guy in line trying to rent a car w/o a credit card. I didn't even think you could..neither do the Avis guys, but he insists he can #
  • Turns out that Seattle is hosting the rock n roll marathon this weekend. No wonder it was so hard to get hotel reservations. #
  • Can't get over how much downtown Seattle looks like downtown San Francisco. #
  • Dinner at six-seven at the waterfront in Seattle. Waitress gave us wrong meal but gave us free dessert. #
  • Coolest host(ess) table at a restaurant I've ever seen. #
  • bathroom sign at the science fiction museum tries to cover all the bases. #

father’s day weekend

this weekend i found out that a tree’s roots have grown around a sprinkler in my front yard and has finally cracked the pipe to cause a massive flood whenever in use. i’m hoping i can trench further down the pipe and add a new sprinkler head, but we’ll see.

this weekend we also went to celebrate father’s day with christi’s dad and family and my family. my family ended up going to the club for a father’s day buffet dinner that was only so-so.

paul and leeya’s baby shower was this weekend too. there was a lot of games and some incriminating photos of me sucking milk out of a baby bottle. i haven’t looked at them yet, but i remember the photos being taken of me. *sigh*

we are also dogsitting, kiara, koda’s sister, and man those two just love playing with each other. they love playing with each other so much that they pretty much ignore anything that i try to say to them.

it felt like a packed weekend and i still feel like i haven’t really fully rested yet. but tonight i will be playing volleyball, subbing for cheryl’s team. i’m looking forward to that as today has been a semi-stressful day at work.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-22

  • for refunds for great american food festival in mountain view this weekend, call at 1.888.598.4299 with order id. #
  • saw wicked last night and am listening to the music again tonight. #
  • quietly trying to get the dog to stop sniffing my dinner while i am on a conference call. #
  • At yoyo sushi waiting for leeya who was gonna be here in 2 minutes 8 minutes ago #
  • wants the weekend to start already, but has a busy weekend ahead of me. two father's day meals, a baby shower, and maybe a little work. #
  • anxiously awaiting quickpwn 3.0 release… #

fedora 10 => fedora 11

so far i’ve been pretty happy with using fedora as my primary OS for my laptop. it sure has come a long way since the days that i first used it. trying to find the right tools for linux for everyday use has not been as hard as i had thought. i have been able to successfully download images from my camera with no problems. i don’t think that i can really use linux as my primary OS for processing photos, but in a pinch, it seems to work ok.

the thing is that i installed fedora 10 just days before the fedora 11 launch. i’ve always been nervous with installing new releases of fedora, but i have been chastised heavily about believing the propaganda that fedora is an unstable distribution. apparently fedora has come a long way since the days of FC1-3. man, those distros just hurt.

i’m also a believer of the packaging system. so far pretty much everything that i wanted has been found in some RPM so i’m pretty happy about the maintenance of the machine.

the big thing now is upgrading from fedora core 10 to 11. it seems like so long as your system is up to date, the process actually isn’t that hard. you run a command “preupgrade” and it appears to download everything that you need to run the install. i’m running it now and it looks like it is download FC11 right now. that’s sort of a long download for me, i need to find a faster internet connection.

the machine is still usable though, so that’s great. firefox works great in linux as does vmware. i’ve been using wine for a couple of applications so i don’t incur the overhead costs of vmware, but even in a pinch, vmware still performs reasonably.

fixing sprinklers

so today after work, instead of resting up after a long’s day work, i went to investigate why there was flooding in our front yard when the sprinklers are on and to fix the geyser in our backyard.

it turns out that one of the pipes had a break in it and i had to dig it all up and replace it. the backyard break was because it looks like a dog chewed off the sprinkler head.

that was the excitement of my day.

best vista plugin yet

there are now two fantastic vista media center plugins that i consider must-have for any vista media center install:

1) media browser – great media browser for your content.
2) vista media center tcp/ip controller – control your media center remotely via HTTP calls!

how cool is vmcController? i’m making a web page that my iphone can hit to control the media center. way more stable than the mediaremote app i tried using that served the same function.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-15


because of the twitpocalypse, my favorite twitter client for the iphone is broken. this pisses me off to no end because i feel that twitterific is really the only usable free twitter client i’ve used. and now that i can’t be kept up to date with my tweets, i have been pretty disconnected.

so i spent the last few hours writing a web page that emulates the look and feel of twitterific so that i can at least have a view into twitter. man, let me tell you, the twitter wap pages are just ridiculously awful. they are so ugly, it is unusable.

what’s cool is that i got a lot of help with some libraries already written for the twitter API, so the low level work of dealing with their web services didn’t need to be done. makes my life pretty easy. i have to say that i’m pretty happy with the results. i even went as far as converting the #tags and the @user links so that they go to the correct places. there was a little smarty plugin magic. i never thought that i would be writing my own smarty plugins, but i ended up writing two: one to “twitterize” tweets (hyperlink URLs, link tags, and link users), and one to tell you how much time has passed since a time ( x seconds, minutes, hours, or days).

it was kind of fun, but i want my twitterific back! apple app store, hurry up and approve the upgrade! i can read my tweets, but i haven’t bothered to write the code to make tweets!

great american food and music fest

i went to the great american food and music fest in mountain view today. it was the first ever and there were many food network starts present at the festival. on our way in, people were grumbling and complaining about how long of a wait the lines were. they were not kidding, we heard stories of people waiting in line for two to three hours!

apparently the preparation of food took so long that people just couldn’t deal with it and decided to leave without their included first plate of food. on our way in, some people who were so frustrated with the event were leaving and gave me their free meal tickets. we ended up getting three free plates which we were able to use.

the lines were long. we waited for over an hour for what i thought was way-overrated cheesesteaks. in my opinion, jersey joe’s in san carlos still reigns king.

we bumped into a lot of familiar faces while we were there, so that was pretty cool. overall, i would say that the festival for food was an epic fail. the side events, however, appeared to run smoothly. the book signings yielded long lines, but the demonstrations and music went by just fine.

we got to watch the sf weekly best burger contest. bobby flay was one of the judges in the event. it was pretty cool to see him.

all in all, my favorite food of the day were the buffalo wings. mmmm.