on marriage…

a friend sent me this [url=http://www.psychologytoday.com/htdocs/prod/PTOArticle/pto-20040301-000001.asp]article on marriage[/url].

it’s a bit of a long read, but basically this article talks about how as a society we may be asking too much out of our potential partners. that we may be asking to find the perfect soulmate and if the person doesn’t live up to their expectations then marriages dissolve. they then suggest that maybe, just maybe we should really just find someone who is ok enough to marry and not have such high and lofty expectations. they later go on to say that marriage is more about working with each other than it is about finding the perfect person.

my first reaction to the article was one of violent disagreement. i do not think that anyone should settle for any less than their soulmate. i think that a soulmate is essential to find if you want a happy, successful marriage. i think the difference is that i do not think that your soulmate has to be perfect in every regard. i do not believe that your soulmate has to fit all of these criteria that you think is your perfect spouse. no, i think that a soulmate is someone who is perfect for you.

A committed relationship allows you to drop pretenses and seductions, expose your weaknesses, be yourself—and know that you will be loved, warts and all. “A real relationship is the collision of my humanity and yours, in all its joy and limitations,” says Real.

i think that a successful relationship is one where you accept each other as they are and from there grows the bond of a true love.


i went to nations for breakfast this morning and had a sausage omelette, two pieces of toast and hash browns. mmmm. pretty good. nation’s idea of what an omelette is, however, is very different from what i was expecting. they basically take cut up pieces of sausage and wrap it around scrambled eggs. still, pretty good, and i’m quite full and ready to handle the 4 hours of meetings scheduled for me today.


hate to admit it but…

i think that i am donut’d out. i think i had 5 krispy kreme donuts yesterday. man…that can’t be good for you. it simply cannot be good. i did not eat dinner either. it must be the high caloric intake of the donuts that let my body just go on without the aid of substantial food.

i do feel obligated now, however, to eat something more substantial today. not sure what exactly i feel like, but something tells me that my body needs something. maybe i’ll hop over to nations and have breakfast. that sounds like a good idea to me. mmmm.

who knew the day would come where i would not want a donut?


new imac

i don’t know about you, but i have to say that [url=http://www.apple.com/imac/]the new imac[/url] looks pretty cool…and i hate macs. but still, apple has consistently been innovative enough to impress me with their amazing design concepts and execution.

i’m not so sure what your options are in terms of upgrades, but i am pretty impressed with the new imac. enough to get one? nah. but still, it’s come a long way since the imac first came out. we still have one of the classic imacs in the apartment, though. it’s now a glorified mp3 player.


monday blues

it seems that mondays are the bluesy kind of a day. they are always the hardest. i had a really hard time getting up this morning. i don’t know why, but i just couldn’t do it. i was really ready to start the week off early, but there was just something about yesterday that really tired me out. i think it must have been the work on sunday that made the weekend feel a lot shorter.

today is shirley’s first day of school. i hope that goes well for her. this week is full of firsts. i think network tv is starting off with a bunch of new shows. that should be pretty exciting. also this week will be the start of a new plan for cooking. i think i’m going to try and cook a little bit more. i’ve gotten the cooking bug again so let’s see how far along i can take that.


lack of blogging

i haven’t been spending too much time in front of the computer lately. in fact, i’ve been spending a lot less time in front of the computer than i have in a long while. been busy, i suppose.

yesterday was jen’s birthday and so i gathered a bunch of people over at the apartment and had a three course fondue dinner. it was a small gathering of her closest friends. it was the first time that i’ve ever made fondue so it was a little stressful trying to make sure that everything would work out well. the first fondue was a cheese fondue. i do enjoy the cheese fondue. i may have to try a different blend, but this was pretty good for the first time. i think i added a little too much wine though.

the second course was an oil based fondue as well as a red wine based fondue. both were pretty good, though i definitely liked the red wine fondue more than the oil one. i think i’m going to look into how to get some more flavor into the oil fondue.

and dessert was a chocolate fondue. mmmmm. quite good. overall, i think the fondue went well, the company was good, and conversation was lively.

i think jen had a good birthday. i had been stressing a little bit about it earlier. i know that in past years she had organized my birthday dinners so i was hoping that i could return the sentiment and do something a little special.

aside from that, i’ve been working pretty hard. last week was pretty rough on me, worked some long days. i also had a launch today so i’ve been working since 10AM. still waiting for the QA folks to bless the launch so i can leave, i’m itching to leave. it’s 4PM already and i’m in dire need of some food.

tonight is also playoffs for my jacl league. i wonder how that is going to be. i think that i am going to miss this team. it was a fun team to play on. i wonder what next season is going to be like.


trying days…

it’s thursday. last night’s launch went miserable. everything that could go wrong went wrong and everything that i wanted just didn’t seem to go my way. on top of that was the pressure to make it to volleyball.

i ended up working from 6pm to 9pm last night trying to finish up a baby software launch. i anticipated that this task would take me about 30 minutes. little did i know that it would become one of the most unnerving experiences i’ve had in a long while.

after finishing up with that, i was waffling about going to volleyball or not. i just wasn’t in a very good mood, flustered, really. and it takes a lot to fluster me. so i was thinking about calling and telling my teammates that i couldn’t make it, but after some consideration (and the fact that i ditched out on them last week) i decided to go and play.

i am happy that i went, though. the play was good and i did have a chance to work off that frustration.


fabulous idea

i have such a fabulous idea for dessert. i don’t know why we don’t see more of it. but for chocolate fondue, one of the items that you dip into the fondue should be unglazed donuts. oh man. can you imagine the sheer joy that that brings to me?


oh so good.

sweet tea

i decided to make sweet tea today at work while i was making a cup of tea. i boiled a cup of water and kept adding sugar to the mix until it wouldn’t dissolve anymore. i suspect that i put about a third a cup of sugar into the cup and then i steeped the tea extra long to get the nice rich flavor of the tea to combat the super sweet, supersaturated tea.

and let me tell you…i miss sweet tea.

so good. i think i might now make a pitcher of this stuff.


whatever it takes

the pursuit of finding the strength within to overcome the weakness without cannot be made with a half-hearted effort. no, it cannot. one must pursue their couse with the greatest of convictions if they truly wish to accomplish the task at hand. one cannot set expectations only to break them out of convenience. one should harden their resolve and stand strong and true to their beliefs.

to take the noble path and finish its course is the mark of a disciplined man.

you have to do whatever it takes to achieve that that you want.

go all out, with a blaze of glory, but be true and be fair and all shall be resolved in its own time.