Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-22

  • Had a fantastic rib eye at Cane and Taro in Maui. And now the dreaded walk back to the hotel in the dark. #
  • Kyden is up way too early for it to be ok with me while we are on vacation. #
  • Ate at Pita Paradise in Kihei. It was delicious! #
  • Of course we are at yogurtland in Maui. Where else would we be? #
  • Furikake garlic fries at Aloha Mixed Plate. #
  • If there's a Starbucks on the island you know we are going to be there #Maui #
  • Samurai in da house…not mine, but will trade for Diet Coke. #
  • Kyden has woken up the past two nights at 4AM screaming at the top of his lungs. Changed his diaper and he seemed ok. What is going on? 🙁 #
  • OMG Christi and Greg got free shave ice at Ululani's AND got to be in a commercial for them. #
  • Uhhh, of course Christi had to get a Yogurtland bag while in Maui. #
  • Diving is easy – _almost_ anyone can do it! #
  • Dude I got gypped! #
  • about to head to a "big game" party where the big game is not on tv… #dontask #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-08

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-01

  • Just took Christi to the airport. Traffic was light, the sky was not. #
  • Just won my fantasy matchup. Now I can concentrate on walking the dog so I can spend the rest of the night working. Joy. #
  • today's work playlist – glee. today's to do list – not glee. #
  • Just installed a "parking lot" for Kyden's various rides. That kid is such a baller. #
  • A healthy…errr vegetarian meal. #
  • Don't panic. #
  • Don't panic. #
  • OMG! Chu Chu Rocket has been ported to the iPhone. Good times. #
  • Kyden has been particularly difficult today. As revenge, I put him in the ugliest outfit I could find. I think he still has the upper hand. #
  • Forever 21 at the Great Mall sells men's clothes. That's just not right. #
  • Standing in the slowest moving line at Kohl's ever. About 15 people ahead of me. Who knew Kohl's was such a happening place? #
  • So tired. Need caffeine, preferably in the form of pearl milk tea…or diet coke…I am desperate enough; I'd take diet coke w/ pearls. #
  • David Carr got passed up for this? Did the offensive coaches get benched too? Is that why they can't get the play off? #
  • First set of trick or treaters was 15 kids big. Im dressed as a sleep-deprived dad with snot covering his shirt. Kyden helped w/ my costume. #
  • Koda's barking w/ the same gumption every time the doorbell rings. Most kids are keeping a distance from door. #
  • Our neighbor is a dentist. He gives out business cards with candy and tells kids to visit him tomorrow. #
  • Opened the door. Koda barked. He's tied to the banister but that didn't stop the kid behind the door from running into the street in fear. #