so hungry

i ordered a large pizza last night. i inhaled half of the large pizza in less than 10 minutes. i think that i could have eaten much more but i knew that eating half a large was probably enough to satisfy me so i stopped before i would get a stomach ache. i was still hungry, though.

i’m about to leave for day 2 of the volleyball festivities. wish me luck!

personally speaking

as unhappy as i am about how the tournament is being run, i am personally really happy with how i’m playing on my team. i actually want to be a lot more involved in the team’s offense. i’m not sure if it is just my imagintion, but it seems like the other two guys seem to be getting more action than i am. i don’t mind, they are stronger players than me, but i really want to be more involved! =)

i have been particularly happy with my defensive play. i have been picking up a lot of hard hit balls. i also have been really happy with my net play. i’ve won jousts against much taller players, i feel like i’m forcing errors by having a presence at a net and blocking, and i think that i just feel generally good about the play.

what i find kind of funny is that i’ve been playing middle for the team when i’m in the front row. the middle position is usually reserved for the tallest player on the team because they are teall and have the biggest presence. in one of the rotations, in both rotations where i am playing middle, i don’t think that i am the strongest middle person, but i’m still playing it. =P it’s good fun though and i think that i’ve been pretty happy with it so far.

personally speaking, the tournament is a lot of fun and i’m having a ball. i hope my team wins today!

just a few days…

it’s only a few days before the big volleyball tournament that i’ve been organizing for the last month or so. i’ve finally got most of the raffle prizes from the sponsors and i think that the teams are slowly being sorted through. it looks like things are shaping up pretty decently. i need to make a few new designs, but i think that it is all coming together rather nicely.

it’s been a lot of ups and downs this tournament, trying to plan things, trying to get all the information, and trying to get everyone together. i’m writing some documentation for this tournament so that whoever runs the thing next time doesn’t have to go through so much discovery. it has been insane how difficult this tournament has been to organize. the problem is that the information to run the tournament is spread through about half a dozen people so trying to figure out who knows what is the hard part. i think that this will be the last tournament that i organize, it’s been hard work. i’m going to make all the soft copies of all the documents available and hope that whoever does it next, it’ll be easier on them.


my laptop is the machine that i do most of my non-photo processing work. email, IM, and web browsing are mostly done on this machine. i’ve been trying to keep this machine as commercial software free as possible. i’ve also been trying to change the user experience of this laptop as much as possible as well. i’ve played with various windows managers and other windows desktop enhancement tools.

i love stardock’s object dock and most recently i found out that konfabulator has become freeware after yahoo acquired it. i also really like rainlendar. all these little things really make my desktop feel clean and neat.

i’ve also hacked xmtheme.dll (a task which was way harder than it should have been) and am now using a custom windows theme style that is very much inspired after the macos GUI. i know i’ve said this a million times, but i really do hate macs. but i love their interfaces. i love widgets, too.

i just made a very important decision based on my magic 8 ball widget. i think that i’m going a little crazy.

pizza hut happiness

i went to pizza hut again. i actually went yesterday, but by the time i got there the lunch buffet was closed so i walked in and walked right out. today, i went early and had 5 slices of pizza, a couple of cups of lemonade/raspberry ice tea, salad (what?? i know. weird), bread sticks, their non-pasta pasta, and some cinnamon sticks. let me tell you, i’m stuffed.

yesterday i went to taco bell because i couldn’t get my fast food fix and had the new crunch wrap supreme. it was pretty tasty, i must admit. man, all this fast food is bad for me. i think that i may try to make a more healthy dinner tonight. steak? hmmmmm.

i feel like the planning for the JACL volleyball tournament is FINALLY coming along well, just a few days prior to the tournament. man, this is definitely the last one that i am going to organize. =P


i went on a little getaway weekend trip to monterey. we ate at the fish hopper (excellent food) for lunch. after lunch we rented bikes and went biking along the monterey coastline. it was beautiful.

after biking, we retired to the room and hung out for a bit. eventually, dinner came along and we went to eat at this place called indian summer. the food was pretty good. while eating, belly dancers came out to entertain us. these were the first belly dancers i’ve seen that had very flat stomachs. usually the belly dancers i’ve seen have had rather plump bellies. the service was awful at the restaurant, the waiter kept finding new ways to spill water on the birthday boy.

after dinner, we retired to the hotel. did i mention that there was 16 of us in one suite? yeah. it was crowded. anyway, a PS2 was brought and karaoke revolution was played. it was fun to watch people play the game.

we eventually tried to go to sleep. the next day i walked around cannery row and just lazied about before coming back. it was nice to be able to get away from the everything, but now that i’m back, i’m glad. i miss my bed.


i’ve been cooking, grilling, and eating at home more now than i ever have. i have even been eating leftovers because they taste so good. i think that i may try making luckykat linda’s lasagna tonight. i think i’m going to add a special sausage to it, too. mmmm.

the other day i finally was able to make it to the pizza hut buffet. i love that place. for about $6.50 you get a drink and all the pizza that you can eat. there’s salad there, too, but i didn’t partake in any of that. =P mmmm…pizza hut. i love their pizza. i think that i may make it a point to go to that lunch buffet once a week, we’ll see.