grocery store visit

what started off as a quick 10 minute visit to the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner ended up becoming a 30 minute browse through safeway. what should have been a $10 purchase of a few key items ended up becoming $70 worth of groceries. i don’t know how it got that out of hand.

but now i am armed with three bags of candy to help me through the night.

at work we have all of these halloween candy dishes, but nobody has put any candy in them. i’m sad that they cannot fulfill their candy dish destiny so i’m going to put some candy in the candy dishes tomorrow.

more fantasy action

my company’s fantasy basketball league has started up. i missed the draft and ended up getting some less than favorable picks for my team. oh well, i guess i’ll just see how it all works out when the guys start playing games.

i’m currently in first place for my company football league. i wonder how long that’ll take place. my roster is changing pretty dramatically every week. i’m not sure if this strategy of mixing up players every week is going to pay off as i’m losing some key players in the off weeks, but it’s take me this far so far, so hopefully it’ll work out well. football is so much more stressful to me because there is so much more pressure to make the right choices since the players only play once a week.

on to other news, i’m going to go watch beach blanket babylon this weekend. i’ve heard mixed things about them, so i guess we’ll see how i like. either way, it’ll be fun to get out in the city.

more tv shows

i completely missed the start of 30 rock. i’ve been scrambling to try and find the lost episodes that i haven’t seen yet to see if it is worth watching regularly. i really do like heroes, but i do feel like the story is moving along a little too slowly for my tastes. we are only just now starting to see the heroes come together, but it’s taking too long! i want to see all the heroes and their superhero outfits already!

it also looks like standoff has been cancelled. that’s too bad, i thought that the show had a lot of potential. oh well.

it’s a week away from halloween. i wonder if i should dress up for work this year…

big volleyball day

i had completely forgotten that i was going to play in a volleyball tournament over the weekend. so on sunday, i woke up early and headed over to independence high school to play at the sf-aim volleyball tournament. i am definitely the weakest guy on the team. this team was registered at the friendship level, which is crazy because we have two guys who can pound the ball and hurt people.

so when i found at that we were registered for friendship, i thought it was crazy because it just wasn’t fair to the other teams that we have these crazy hitters on our team. it turns out that friendship wasn’t so friendly after all. the competition was fierce.

we started play around 9:00AM and finished our last game at 6:30PM. from there we went to the JACL league to play another 3 hours of volleyball. at the end of the day, i was exhausted. i’m really sore right now, my body has definitely taken a beating from all the volleyball, but i have league tonight…how am i going to get through it?


last night after i got home from work i ate half a large pizza and a plate of wings. i think i managed to stay up for another 30 minutes after that and then i just crashed. i think i slept from 7 until about midnight. i woke up to see it was late, stayed up for a little bit, and promptly went back to sleep until 8AM this morning.

i’ve been working pretty hard lately and sooner and later i knew it was going to come. i feel much better now, though. i’m not nearly as tired as i used to be.

canon double rebates

canon has another round of double rebates for their product line. i can’t really justify buying any more camera equipment. i haven’t taken any serious pictures in while now. especially with the wedding season winding down (no weddings for me this year!) i think that it’ll probably be slow going. i miss taking pictures, though. maybe if i weren’t quite so busy, i’d go and take some. maybe i’ll do that this weekend. i haven’t organized a shoot in a while.

now, the only question is…what to shoot?

eddie and lia’s wedding

i went to a wedding today. it was in pleasanton at ruby hill country club. the venue was crazy. there is a gated entrance and the ruby hill community has enormous homes. the golf course was not readily in view when we entered the community and we drove quite a distance to get to the clubhouse.

before the wedding, i bought a new suit. i haven’t bought a suit for myself…well, ever. i’ve been using a suit that i borrowed from my dad about 10 years ago. i guess it was about time to get a suit for myself. i ended up getting a three button suit, from what i hear it is a more european cut. i don’t know. the tailor asked me what size i was, i shrugged. he asked me if i had preferences in cut or style, i shrugged. the suit was not terribly priced, either, so i was pretty happy.

i first went to macy’s 10 year anniversary sale, but everything there needed to be altered and i didn’t have that kind of time so i went to the men’s wearhouse where they had a tailor on hand. i picked up a suit, had it tailored, got dressed, and went to the wedding. twas fun.

haynesworth’s punishment

for those who haven’t heard, albert haynesworth, a defensive tackle for the titans stomped on the head of andre gurode with his cleat, tearing his head open requiring him to get 30 stitches during a game last week.

during a game…a player intentionally stomped on another player’s face who was on the ground with his cleats. the NFL has finally ruled the longest punishment it has ever imposed, a five game suspension for haynesworth. he was immediately ejected out of the game after attacking gurode.

though it is the longest suspension ever given to an NFL player, i don’t feel that a 5 game suspension is enough. that’s just absurd. i hope gurode presses charges for assault and i hope that haynesworth is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

it doesn’t matter what you say after the fact, sure he’s apologized. sure he is regretful and takes full responsibility, but you do not attack another player on the field in a game. that’s just wrong.

productive day

today was a more-than-usual kind of productive day. i did 4 loads of laundry, went to target to buy some soap and a new shower curtain, and folded the 4 loads of laundry all before getting in to work. nevermind that i didn’t get into work until after lunch, i still thought i was pretty productive. i even watched an episode of eureka.

49ers…what the…?!

i had hope this season. i really did. after many seasons of pain and suffering, it looked like this season might be different. it looked like all the years of rebuilding might finally start to pay off. it looked like the 49ers might have a chance to win some games.

but after today’s forty-one to nothing loss, i’m not so sure that the renewed faith that i had is renewed any more.