Iphone education

I had to spend some time educating myself with the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iPhone. I have heard all of the hoopla over the joys of jailbreaking and unlocking, but I have also recently read about how apple feels that it is illegal to do so.

Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to install third party apps onto your device without the aid of the app store. What this also does is allow you to install apps that so not adhere to apple’s SDK license. This seemed like a Fantastic idea because this allows developers to fully exploit the power of the platform.

So great, I can install an NES emulator! But because developers have a power to so anything they like they can also do very bad things. The Kate app and associated Rip Dev app broke the ability to dial phone numbers!! It took a little research to find out that there are widespread issues like that so you just have to be aware of such things if you want to go the jailbreaking route.

First iphone blog

I’m trying really hard to get used to the iPhone keyboard. Trusting it to type in the right thing is a leap of faith that I’m struggling with. Still it is pretty cool that there six a native iPhone client for wordpress. It is unfortunate that you can’t use it in landscape mode, though. I guess I still touch type faster on the iPhone than I do triple tapping.

Now I just need to figure out how to upload photos with this thing…

finally installed the closet system

what? yeah. remember the closet system i ordered almost a year ago? well, i have been REALLY lagging on installing it. why?

it looks like the closet system is pretty easy to install, but our closet had some existing pieces of particle board nailed to the walls. i had to buy a prybar to get it off. that was a little daunting.

then i had to spackle the nail holes and not so little holes i made into the wall getting the supports of the existing shelf and rods off.

THEN after all of that was done, i had to install the new system. the new system is configurable which means that i had to decide how i wanted the new shelves and rods set up. that took some time to do, but finally, finally after nearly a year, i installed the closet system in our master bedroom.

and let me tell you, it is fantastic. we have a lot more storage space in our closet and things actually appear organized. i’m really glad that i finally got it installed, it’s like having a whole new closet now. the big question is…should i install a closet system in some of our other bedrooms? i can see how it can definitely come in handy because we don’t really have dressers, but we’ll see.

chicken fried bacon at t-rex

we went to t-rex bbq in berkeley over the weekend. it’s a swanky bbq place in berkeley, not at all the kind of place that i expected. when i think of berkeley dining, i’m always reminded of the student-centric hot spots like top dog and fat slice.

this place is famous for their chicken fried bacon. sure enough, it is a strip of bacon battered and deep fried.

hurt back

my back is killing me. it started to hurt last night, but i don’t know what it is that made it hurt so. i did get a deep tissue massage over the weekend, but i can’t imagine that it was that that caused the pain.

despite the back pain, i went to safeway today to pick up some soda. we aren’t running low on soda or anything, but leeya told me that safeway has a sale on soda, $2.50 for a 12 pack. not wanting to miss the great pricing on the soda, i went to safeway, bad back and all, and picked up 8 cases. suffice it to say that i should be well stocked for soda for some time to come.

ugh, dogs!

kiara stayed with us earlier this week for the first half of this week while henry was off to LA. the first night of dogsitting, we had volleyball so we decided to leave the two dogs at home and let them play at home.

henry had bought a new pillow for the dogs. they had other ideas on what they could do with it.

it looked like they were floating on a cloud when i got home. a yellow, pee-stained cloud. i swear, when you put these two dogs together all they do is get into trouble! last time they destroyed the floors of their pen, this time, they destroyed the bedding! oh well, luckily, the pillow was on sale, but it sure didn’t last long!

trust me

TNT’s new show “trust me” was a show that i had marked to watch but never did until tonight. three episodes into it and i think that it is fantastic. starring eric mccormack (of will and grace fame) and thomas cavanagh (of ed and eli stone fame), these two guys carry the show with their quick-witted banter and opposing views on life. set in an ad agency, you see the duo in a modern day adventure through the cutthroat business of the advertising world.

sarah clarke (of 24 fame) and monica potter (of boston legal fame) round out the cast of notables. monica potter’s character is neurotic and lovable. great fast paced writing with some cool humor sprinkled throughout the show that’s able to tug at your heartstrings, this show immediately caught and held my attention in the first episode.

i recommend giving it a look, it’s a good watch.

feeling better

i’m feeling much better now. the bout with the stomach flu appears to be over and i am doing just fine. we have kiara, koda’s sister, over at our place right now and we are dogsitting while henry is in LA. koda and kiara together are a handful. they are both bad influences on each other. individually, they are well-behaved dogs, but when the two of them are together, they become so much harder to handle.

the crazy thing is that kiara is a lot stronger than koda and so when she struggles against me, it takes a considerable amount of effort to keep her in check. i know that we really need the recent rain and i’m thankful that we are getting it, but now it is so much more of a struggle to keep the carpets clean when the dogs come in from the backyard. it looks like i will be investing in a carpet cleaner soon.

been sick

i’ve been sick as a dog since sunday evening. i never really knew where the expression came from, but i think that i’m actually sicker than the dog. koda has also had the sniffles which we think he got from a foster puppy that we took in for a few days.

i think i had the stomach flu. it was something awful. it’s still lingering and man, it sucks not feeling 100%. the worst part of it for me was just having to endure the pain of not knowing when it would be all over. i completely lost my appetite. i could feel that i was dehydrated, but every time i drank water, it made me want to either vomit or run to the bathroom…sometimes both. pleasant, eh?

i guess it is times like these that make you appreciate when everything is normal and boring.