the thing about diet coke is…

i used to never drink diet coke. i used to hate any kind of diet drink. i thought that they didn’t taste right and the artificial sweetness that they had was just disgusting. and so if you asked me about a year ago how i felt about diet coke, that’s exactly what i would have told you.

last night, i had some friends over and they were commenting that i had a lot of diet coke. it’s true, target currently has them on sale, 2-12 packs for $6. cheap! so i got a small stockpile of them in my refrigerator and kitchen floor. see, the thing about diet coke is that i used to hate it, but now normal coke tastes weird to me. it’s sad, but true.

whenever i was at christi’s place, she’d always only have diet coke available because that’s all she drinks. i really wanted some soda and that’s all she had, so i sucked it up and hated it. this pattern kept repeating itself until i slowly started to tolerate diet coke. now, it has become my preference. sad, but true.

3 thoughts on “the thing about diet coke is…”

  1. i love diet coke. i can’t drink the regular stuff either. but then i also hate the other diet sodas…like pepsi. yuck. diet coke rules.

  2. Okay, I’m a Diet Pepsi drinker, Diet Coke is fine by me too. I’ve also become intolerant of regular soda. Somehow, it just lacks that yummy chemical taste that I’ve grown to love. Sad, but true. 😉

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