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new year’s desserts

looks like i forgot to post what desserts were being served at the new year’s party earlier this year. i thought i took pictures of people, but it turns out that i didn’t really. man, i must be getting anti-social if i think that desserts are more important that people…but they were really good desserts.

super tuesday

today is super tuesday. that’s when a bunch of states around the nation open their polls for voting. the primaries are afoot and i went to the voting poll this morning to cast my vote. when i got there, i was surprised at the voting stalls.

they were TINY! and when i got there, there were no electronic ballots. instead i was given a folder and i thought to myself, “oh great, we’re back to punch voting? i’m i going to have a hanging chad?”

it turns out that because of the concerns of reliability in the electronic voting machines (seriously, how could you screw something like this up??), about one third of california’s voters are going back to paper ballots as the electronics machines have been decertified!

imagine my surprise when i saw the ballots and thought to myself how sad it is that, here in silicon valley, you would think that we would have SOME way to do this with modern technology. alas, no.

instead of punch cards, there is a big ballot with BIG writing. there are broken arrows next to the name of each choice and you fill in the broken arrow to make a full arrow to designate your choice. crazy, huh?

but effective. i can’t imagine how you would screw this up.

i was talking to a friend of mine about the indian tribes gambling props and i told him that it’s confusing because there are so many commercials about them to say yes and no. usually, the commercials are back to back. he told me that i should vote yes on two of them and no on the other two. hahaha, what a solution!

greg’s birthday

i swear, you’d think that we’re 21 or something, but we got greg sloshed for his birthday. i swear i didn’t have anything to drink, but all of my photos turned out blurry. i just don’t know how to use a point and shoot camera. =P

greg got drunk pretty fast and the evening came to an end quickly. he made a few offerings to the porcelain gods while at the restaurant. the highlight of the evening was probably him being offered a shot of 151 and then a shot of tequila as a chaser. his friends are mean.

american idol ice cream

i must have missed the boat last season because this is the first time i’ve heard of it before, but dryer’s is putting out american idol ice cream flavors!

they are: cheesecake diva, cookies ‘n dreamz, mint karaoke cookie, most orange-inal, one split wonder, and triple talent.1

i only saw the cheesecake diva, cookies n’ dreamz, and triple talent at the store, though. i tried the cookies ‘n dreamz, it’s basically like cookies and cream with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream. the cheesecake diva is cheesecake ice cream with chocolate and caramel swirls. not as sweet as it sounds, but good. i haven’t tried the triple threat yet, but it’s just three different types of chocolate so i’m sure it can’t go wrong.

i have a lot of ice cream in the freezer again2 i wonder how long it’ll take this time to finish it all off. it might be time to have an ice cream party…

  1. the web site doesn’t actually list triple talent as an american idol flavor, so i don’t know if that just means that some flavors aren’t available in some markets or what, but the orange-inal flavor sounds yummy. []
  2. it’s probably worth noting that i usually have a lot of ice cream again, so maybe i should take a picture of my freezer when there isn’t a lot of ice cream in it, as that would be the anomaly. []

soda sale

there was another sale, buy 2 get 2 free on 24 packs of coke at the local safeway. this safeway seems to have short runs on these types of sales, so it’s really hit or miss on whether i get there and see a sale on diet coke.

i was running low on diet coke, err, rather, i had run out of soda in the house, and it was time to stock back up.

warren went nuts on buying soda too. i figured it was time to follow suit.

the little external drive that could

i’ve always had large external hard drive cases that house 3.5″ hard drives. these drives have always been heavy and have always required the use of an external power source.

after upgrading christi’s laptop with a bigger laptop ordered from newegg (because the SAME DRIVE upgraded from dell would cost an additional $150!!) i had a spare, albeit small hard drive lying around. not wanting for it to go to waste, i decided to purchase an external case for it.

i found a great deal for a $12 external case from the drive is compact, draws power from the USB port and works great. it also has an SATA connector in the back so that i can use an esata connection if i wanted to. unfortunately, i don’t have any devices that support the esata connector, but hey, maybe my next laptop will.

anyway, it’s happily formatting now and i’ll soon have an extra 75GB of space happily waiting to be used.

unexpected bonuses from this purchase is that the case came with a leather case, a USB cord AND an eSATA connector, as well as a mini screwdriver to help you screw in those tiny screws. not bad for $12.

now, yes, it does carry the meritline brand on the side of the case and that’s a little free advertising for meritline, but i’m ok with that.


we did a little puppy photo shoot to show people at the adoption fair what puppies are soon going to be up for adoption. i’m not gonna overpost, but we took a ton of pictures. the first and third ones didn’t make the prints, but were among my favorites.

replacing our chandelier

the house that we bought many months ago came complete with the original chandelier in the dining room. this chandelier was a cheap, dated one that looked ugly. we swore that we would replace it and we even registered for one at lowes. well, many months have passed and we bought the chandelier from lowes. it stayed in the box for months. i was lazy and didn’t want to install it, but enough time had passed and i wanted to get it done.

installing the chadelier wasn’t very difficult, the wiring was actually pretty simple. the hard part is that the chandelier was replaced with track lighting. the track lighting has a bendable track that you can bend to any configuration. i thought that the track was going to be easily flexible, but it turns out that the track isn’t flexible. instead, you have to bend the track forcefully, there were not joints! christi actually bent the track into place, she freehanded it and it came out looking great.

once that was done, installation was mostly easy. i hit a stud in the ceiling, so i had to pre-drill one of the anchors, but aside from that, there were no problems noted.

i love the new lights. it’s a little darker than i was expecting it to be in the room, so it looks like i’m going to have to find some other kind of lamp to supplement the track lighting, but for now, it’s great.

i still have some faucets and bathroom vanity lights to install. maybe i’ll do that tomorrow.