haynesworth’s punishment

for those who haven’t heard, albert haynesworth, a defensive tackle for the titans stomped on the head of andre gurode with his cleat, tearing his head open requiring him to get 30 stitches during a game last week.

during a game…a player intentionally stomped on another player’s face who was on the ground with his cleats. the NFL has finally ruled the longest punishment it has ever imposed, a five game suspension for haynesworth. he was immediately ejected out of the game after attacking gurode.

though it is the longest suspension ever given to an NFL player, i don’t feel that a 5 game suspension is enough. that’s just absurd. i hope gurode presses charges for assault and i hope that haynesworth is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

it doesn’t matter what you say after the fact, sure he’s apologized. sure he is regretful and takes full responsibility, but you do not attack another player on the field in a game. that’s just wrong.

productive day

today was a more-than-usual kind of productive day. i did 4 loads of laundry, went to target to buy some soap and a new shower curtain, and folded the 4 loads of laundry all before getting in to work. nevermind that i didn’t get into work until after lunch, i still thought i was pretty productive. i even watched an episode of eureka.