the big blow out

about a week ago, my BRAND NEW samsung DLP TV died. i turned it on and then it just wouldn’t go on. lights started flashing on the front panel, but no picture. i almost saw my life flash before my eyes. it was that bad.

the thing is that this TV isn’t more than 6 months old. how can it be broken already?? i haven’t moved it at all! so after my initial shock passed, then came anger. yes, anger. this is supposed to be a high quality, finely tuned instrument. i was all nervous about the tv breaking on delivery, but it was fine. i never would have expected this to be the problem.

i initially thought that the tv’s lamp had broken. those are expensive to replace, so i called up samsung’s warranty hot line and scheduled repair.

the repair guy is over right now and he replaced the bulb but the tv isn’t working still…this sounds like it’s a more major problem. =(

i’m glad that the tv is still under warranty though. samsung’s warranty service was painless and setting up the appointment was easy, so they get points there. i’ve never had a tv fail on me before so soon though, so i don’t know what happened there.

i hope the repair guy has enough parts to fix the tv. i’ve been without a tv for a week. it’s KILLING me.