keyboard and mouse

i never thought that a mouse and keyboard are things that i had much preference about. a keyboard is a keyboard and a mouse is mouse. you click buttons on the keyboard, letter appear. it’s all pretty simple. the mouse moves around and the pointer moves. all simple again.

but lately, my cheap dell keyboard has been having sticky keys. i suspect it is because of the construction of the keyboard and the dust around my place. the tracking ball in the mouse is gathering dust in the mouse and it’s now skipping around.

so i have finally broke down and ordered a keyboard and mouse. it’s supposed to come soon and i wonder if it will really make as big of a difference as the price of these items would suggest. we’ll see!

One thought on “keyboard and mouse”

  1. dude, you still use a mouse with a tracking ball? that’s old school! i would expect you to have moved to an optical mouse by now. ­čÖé

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