add-on is buggy

it has been irritating me for a while now that the add-on that i use in firefox has been buggy. not all of the tags that i have show up. what’s worse is that this appears to be a known issue and has been a known issue for weeks now! i just downgraded from the latest version to the latest known working version, but the fact that the team can’t figure out what is wrong is disheartening.

i love the idea of having my bookmarks accessible at anytime at any place, but if can’t get their act together, it may be time to start looking for a better solution…one that, at least, you know, works!

the blog about work and other things

so it’s now my…third week into the new job? i think that’s right. work has been pretty busy. it seems that there is more work that needs to be done than there are hours in the day. what concerns me is that my co-workers generally get into the office before i do (and i’m not slouching! i get in around 9:30) and they are still there when i leave at around 7.

i’m not complaining yet, i still have a lot to learn and i think that once i don’t need to ask anymore questions, i’ll be happier. i’ve been stuck fixing legacy code, though, and that’s been grueling. having to read other people’s code and fix things is something that i haven’t had to do in a while now. but it’s fun work. i have been so busy lately that i haven’t really had the opportunity to IM people or even keep up with my blogs.

this weekend, christi and i are going to go to the outside lands concert. it should be pretty fun. i wish that i could have attended the jack johnson portion of the concert though, but alas, i have volleyball. if it were any other night, i would skip it, but i’m captain of the team and it is playoffs. speaking of which, last week was the first week where we went 4-0. this is of particular note because i think this may double our win count for the season…in one day. yeah, it’s just been one of those seasons.

going home and watching a movie on the projector just brings me so much joy, i can’t even begin to describe how great it is. now that i’ve got most of the kinks worked out, i think that i will have a movie night soon and invite some friends over. i am still frustrated by the lack of blu-ray titles and how slowly they are being distributed. i’m also frustrated by just how much these titles cost. the initial shock has been overcome, though, and i’m looking to build a library of blu-ray titles. i’m trying to be selective, though, so that i only pick titles that really do have good replay value. i suspect that memento might be one of those movies, but i’ve rented it on netflix.

speaking of renting movies, i need to fill out my free blockbuster membership. the projector comes with a free one year subscription to blockbuster video rentals. if i time things out corrently, i should always have a movie to watch every day. the big question now will be whether or not there will be enough titles to watch once the movies start coming in.

on the puppy front, the pups that we are fostering are doing quite well. they have an affinity for sucking on each other when they get hungry and i suspect that they are drinking each other’s urine. this doesn’t seem to bother them very much, but it absolutely enrages christi. we’ve been trying to keep a watchful eye on them so that once they start looking for food, we’ll feed them. these guys are growing fast. they started off as lumps of fur and just recently they have started to walk. it’s insane now just how quick they are growing. pictures of the puppies can be found at the link. christi and i are thinking about adopting one of these guys, so after they are all grown up, one of them is probably going to stay with us.

potty training, behavior training, and all around teaching the puppy to behave well is going to be a challenge. christi is very good at training the pups, though, so hopefully i’ll be able to learn from her and help out.

i’ve had my eye on an iphone for a while now. i suspect that there will be an iphone in my future soon. once the iphone comes, i may have learn how to develop for the iphone. that may mean a new computer purchase in the near future. i’ve been thinking about maybe getting an imac mini, but i may just hackintosh it in the beginning. we’ll see.