Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-02

  • OMG! bug in web-based file browser deleted ALL MY TV! #
  • after removing the download rate-limit, it is shocking and very pleasing to see just how fast our DSL is. #
  • need a regular expressions cheat sheet? it's been a while since i've used them, but this was helpful. #
  • How many different kinds of dry are there? This dryer says a lot. #
  • omg, laundry washers look heavy. two guys who came to deliver it are heaving it upstairs for us. they look like they are in agony. #
  • It's probably indicative of how old I am when I get this excited over our new washer and dryer. #
  • really annoyed that the glider chair that we ordered from @ToysRUs back on 7/25/2009 has still not arrived. kyden is close to a month old! #
  • Kyden, Christi, and I are shopping at the Disney store. #