Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • i thought packing for a trip was a lot, but packing for a trip with the kid and the dog is just daunting! can't wait to get away, though. #
  • hrmmm…vitamins expire? the multi-vitamin pill i took yesterday expired in 2008. #
  • Sexy water? That's how we roll in Monterey. #
  • Compagno's Deli is very highly rated on yelp, some calling it the best sandwiches in the area. #
  • Turkey and Reuben "half" sandwiches from Compagno's is the size of regular sandwiches elsewhere. #
  • Eating dinner at PortaBella with Christi, Kyden, and Koda. They have a covered heated patio that is dog-friendly. #
  • Our hotel has an outdoor fire pit and is heated by heat lamps!ujuyjhum #
  • Last meal in Carmel is at allegro gourmet pizza. They have pasta too that looked delicious. #
  • Just saw that Kyden's top teeth have broken through his gums. I thought they weren't supposed to come out for months! #
  • I know he's almost 5 months old, but I'm going to follow the advice given to me: sleep when he sleeps. Nap time! #
  • After crying for an hour in my arms, I put Kyden in the pack n' play & he immediately stopped crying. he's not sleeping, just happy. #
  • We've come to an agreement. He'll stop crying if I touch him and I'll feed him pizza when he eats solid foods. #
  • A recruiter I'm working with wants me to take a PHP compentency test before meeting with them. I can't remember the last time I took a test! #
  • just finished taking the PHP competency test. it doesn't really test how good of a coder you are, it tests how well you know the PHP manual. #
  • Squeeze for Mac is free at – it's a tool to manage folders to use HFS+ compression. snow leopard's apps ship this way. #
  • does bob costas really speak french or was the translation being fed to him? #

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