i’ve been absent from the blog for quite some time now. most of it is just because i haven’t really felt the desire or need to blog. when i first started to blog, i was angst-ridden and needed a place to vent. eventually i got to a good place in my life and i started to blog about all the fun things that i was doing. and then somewhere along the way something happened. maybe it was the discovery of micro-blogging with twitter. maybe it was dealing with the learning curve of a new job. or maybe it was having a son.

in any event, i feel like what precious free time i do have, i generally want to spend it relaxing as much as i can by just doing nothing. it’s awful that it’s come to this because i want to say that it’s out of laziness, but really it’s more bourne out of the desire to not want to do anything. even watching tv sometimes is too much…well, let’s not get carried away here.

christi’s gone to texas for the week and kyden and i are fending for ourselves. it’s actually not that bad, kyden and i are hanging out and we are having a fabulous time. he tried eating some of my burrito tonight, but it was a little too spicy for him.

tonight’s big activity, once i finished up work, was to figure out how to correctly share images between my twitter, facebook, and some image sharing site. i thought that finding an app to do this would be really easy because you know…there should be an app for that.

it turns out that it’s a little bit harder than i expected. there are plenty of web sites that will do it, but few have iphone apps that will let you upload from one app and publish to multiple destinations. on top of that, i wanted to be able to update my twitter feed and facebook feeds with text messages. shozu was the first app that came to mind, but it really bothers me how they advertise their own service within your content.

pixelpipe does everything that i want it to do, but it’s not very intuitive to use at all. in fact, it’s very confusing…but very powerful. i think i have figured out how to update status messages in facebook and twitter and post to facebook (w/ thumbnail instead of via link) as well as adding a link in twitter using the original image (not a resized crappy image) all from one app. it’s has some great functionality, but really needs a redesigned user experience so people can figure out how to use it. that being said, kudos to the pixelpipe team for all of their points of integration with various social networking sites.

i’m surprised there aren’t more apps that work in this space, it sort of seems like an opportunity here for someone to come in, wrap together a beautiful UI, and really take this idea off. hmmmm…maybe that’s a project for me in the “spare time”.

5 thoughts on “absent”

  1. I haven’t tried all its features cuz I don’t tweet, but I think Dropshots (my image hosting site for the blog) does all that. And has an app.

  2. i signed up and looked and it doesn’t seem like it has quite the features i was looking for. seems like a good image host, though.

  3. If you have a photo up, and click on the “blog” button on the bottom, a whole host of other options come up in a window (twitter, myspace, fb, friendster on and on)

  4. yeah, i want it to be automatic. so when i upload a photo somewhere, it’ll auto publish to twitter and facebook in the right way. I have something working for now, but it feels a little crummy.

  5. Oh, I see. Like how when I send a pic to Picasa, it instantly appears in my phone and my parents’ photo frame. (If only they’d turn it on.)

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