a special moment

i was watching modern family last night and phil was trying to make a special moment with his daughter. he went to great lengths to create a memory that only he and his daughter would have to look back upon and smile fondly.

it reminded me of a memory from my childhood when my dad took me to a niners game. i think it might be the only 49ers game we’ve ever gone to. i must have been around 8 years old. i remember being so excited the week before the game and i would talk about the game with great anticipation.

i would ask my dad how long we would go to the game and he would tell me that he didn’t know. the game could go into overtime and we might be there all night long! i would tell my mom that she shouldn’t stay up for us because we might not go home until the sun came up.

we went to the game, watched it, and had a blast. i remember my dad bought me a horn that i could blow to make noise at the game. i carried that horn with me everywhere i went for a week after that.

it’s such a great memory of a little boy excited to spend time with his dad at his football game. i had forgotten about it until i watched modern family last night, so thank you modern family for helping me relive a wonderful moment in my life.

tonight, kyden and i are going to go to the sharks game. he, too, has been so excited about it and has been motioning power play shark jaws and cheering go! sharks! go! around the house for the past several days. i never really thought about it as a moment that he and i can share (though i’m sure he’s far too young to really remember it later as an adult), but it certainly gives a different perspective to a night out like this.

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