adblock and greasemonkey

i’ve been an avid firefox fan for quite a while now. i really enjoy the extensions support and i’m always finding new extensions that improve the quality of my life. the latest pair of extensions that has really revolutionized the way the web appears to be are AdBlock and Greasemonkey.

AdBlock is an extension that provides regular expression filtering of html content to filter out ads. it is simply marvelous. what’s even better is that there’s another extension that updates the adblock filtersets. the web has never been so ad-free before.

whatever adblock doesn’t catch, i use greasemonkey and an ad block script to catch pretty much everything else. it is amazing what the web looks like without ads. it’s also really suprising to see how ad space can play a crucial part of the design of a web site.

still, surfing the net without seeing ads is kind of neat. i don’t know why i never tried this before.

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