japan – shinjuku

i met up with angus in shinjuku where we checked out the headquarters for many camera manufacturers. we went to the pentax forum as well as the canon showroom. i had big hopes for the canon showroom, but it wasn’t nearly as big or as impressive as i had hoped. i was really hoping to be able to play with all of the lenses, but they had them locked up in display cases. poo on canon for that.

we first met up at a big department store where we went to the basement to eat. the entire floor is food and we were pretty overwhelmed with all of the choices. shinjuku is supposed to be one of the best places to buy camera gear, but i think that the yodobashi at akihabara is just as good. i didn’t really see any great deals at any brick and mortar, though.

we went to the capital building where there is an observation deck and got to see buildings and buildings sprawled all over the place with no greenery anywhere to be seen. it was a little shocking to see how jam-packed this city really was.