new tv shows

studio 60 on the sunset strip is every bit as good as i was hoping it would be. it definitely has a bit of a west wing feel to it, but i really liked the premiere.

speaking of new shows, eureka on the sci-fi channel is a great show, too. definitely more sci-fi than i usually watch, but i love the ideas for the story lines.

how i met your mother wasn’t as great of a season premiere as i had hoped, but that’s probably mostly due to lily’s absence.

i’m still trying to make up my mind about stand off. i like it so far, but i’m not sure if it has the staying power.

bones also doesn’t have as much of an appeal like it did, but it’s still a show that i watch.

and, unfortunately, i caught a little bit of dancing with the stars. man, that show is just awful. awful, awful, awful. let me say it again…awful.