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i completely missed the start of 30 rock. i’ve been scrambling to try and find the lost episodes that i haven’t seen yet to see if it is worth watching regularly. i really do like heroes, but i do feel like the story is moving along a little too slowly for my tastes. we are only just now starting to see the heroes come together, but it’s taking too long! i want to see all the heroes and their superhero outfits already!

it also looks like standoff has been cancelled. that’s too bad, i thought that the show had a lot of potential. oh well.

it’s a week away from halloween. i wonder if i should dress up for work this year…

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  1. Heroes does seem to be crawling, but it’s still my favorite new show of the year. I caught the second episode of 30 Rock online and didn’t find it all that funny. I actually got more laughs from watching Studio 60.

  2. i like heroes a lot! i’m also addicted to prison break, justice, the nine and although i like lost… that is reallly slow. if you thought heroes was slow, you really won’t like this season of lost.

    i don’t like 30 rock at all. i saw two episodes and didn’t like it. maybe it’s just me?

    haven’t talked to you in a while but i thought i’d say hi. i know what you should be for halloween.


  3. i got caught up on all three episodes of 30 rock…it was painful. i really like tina fey and i was really hoping that this show would be a breakout hit, but i don’t like it very much. i’ve never been a fan of tracy morgan, i’ve always thought he was kind of lame. jane krakowski always plays such one dimensional characters and i’ve never liked her, either. the show is pretty disappointing.

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