an open letter to britney

dear britney,

i know it has been a long time since last i wrote to you, but we’ve both been pretty busy, haven’t we? i hear through the grapevine that you text’d k-fed and made him the fed-ex. good for you, girl! it’s about time that you got rid of that freeloading loser. i know, i know, you had good times with him and you had to go on and on about your love life with him on the awful tv reality show chaotic that you thought would be a good idea.

lemme tell you something, brit, you’re not that innocent. i know that you are stronger than yesterday, and i’m glad that you ditched the loser because you drive me crazy when you do stupid stuff like that.

your bestest fan,

2 thoughts on “an open letter to britney”

  1. I guess you heard, then, that the last straw was when Britney walked into KFed’s hotel room and saw him there with some chick. She said that was it and left him. Her last contact wtih him was that night when she broke up with him, via text message, which read “I hate you loser!” And then she filed for divorce.
    Supposedly KFed and the girl weren’t caught in some compromising position or anything, but after all that Britney had gone thru, just that was enough to break the camel’s back.
    Poor girl.

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