dum dum dum

i’m like a kid on the way to a candy store waiting to be standing in the aforementioned candy store. my components for the home theatre are slowly trickling in. i think the cables were delivered today.

i just found out that the receiver (which says that signature is REQUIRED) is going to be delivered on saturday. this, ordinarily, would be great, except i think that i will be playing in a grass tournament this day so i won’t be around to welcome the receiver to its new home.

i’m not sure what’s worse, trying to decide what to get or waiting for it to come.

4 thoughts on “dum dum dum”

  1. you are using a receiver with your home theater?! blasphemy! I hope you were referring to an amp and a seperate tuner.

  2. yeah, that’s what i hear, but i’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on buying separates. i think the outlaw is a pretty good compromise for the budget.

  3. the 1070 should do the job. i have read that the outlaw has a beefier power supply vs the mass mkt brands ..the lack of a good PS to handle musical transients is a common reason why recievers are poo poo’ed. assuming you end up liking the outlaw sound, with the pre-outs you can always add a higher powered amp later on and just use the outlaw 1070 as a pre/pro.

  4. also…your mythos are relatively efficient at the typical 8ohm impedance. what Anonymous says is true if had bought say electrostatic speakers from Martin Logan which need stronger amps that can handle 4ohm impedance.

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