wow, 720p!

my current TV is capable of doing 720p and 1080i. it has been my experience that 1080i has got some jitter to it and the video quality is just not acceptable. that being said, i have been using my original xbox a/v cable since i’ve gotten it. i have recently ordered and received a component a/v cable and the results are STUNNING. man, it almost pisses me off that i’ve been living in the dark ages looking at crappy video.

i guess with the purchase of my audio equipment, i’ve been doing research and have been reading about how to get improved performance out of the equipment i have. i must say that i’ve been pretty impressed so far and quite pleased with the results.

i recently read an article about 720p vs. 1080p and if there really is a measurable difference between the two. with my TV set back about 10 feet from me, it seems that the human eye is not capable of resolving individual pixels at 1080p versus 720p for the size of TV i have. that would seem to confirm my demos with TVs running at 720 and 1080 when i’m 10 feet back. this does, however, indicate to me that i can get a 100″ screen in my living room!

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  1. “it has been my experience that 1080i has got some jitter to it and the video quality is just not acceptable.” -> what do you think of the PQ of CBS ? cause CBS is broadcasted in 1080i and your TV has to deinterlace/scale it. the quality of the deinterlacer/scaler (either on your source device or your display device) matters here.

    yah, your new xbox component cable should be a nice upgrade over the composite cable.

    it’s unfortunate that resolution is so heavily marketed as the most critical factor in providing the best picture quality/viewing experience and that is just not true for the reason you cited. many people will overlook important PQ elements like contrast, black levels, details, color accuracy, shadow delineation, macroblocking, and color banding. as 1080p sets come down in price the issue will become moot…but for now, I’d take a 720p set with excellent contrast, color accuracy, etc over a 1080p set with poor contrast, colors etc.

  2. actually, what i was referring to with the 1080i jitter was mostly from my DVD player and Xbox when i am looking at straight lines during the menus. during normal video, it hasn’t really bothered me that much, i believe CBS broadcasts at 1080i and it looks fine.

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