another tomtom deal!

there’s another tomtom deal for the tomtom xl-s at dell right now and it’s at the lowest price point i’ve seen it. i told myself that once i saw it at that price again, i would get it, but recently, my tomtom has been working really well. it hasn’t had problems finding satellites and i think that it is back to working just dandy. i guess i’ll wait and see if tomtom is going to give me any more problems again before i think about upgrading, but it would, of course, make sense that there’d be a deal for what i want when i don’t need it.

oh well. i just ordered my replacement throwaway camera. the LCD cracked on my fujifilm f31fd. it sounds like it’s going to cost more than it is worth to fix, though the replacement camera, i hear, doesn’t have image quality that is as good as this camera. oh well. the other bummer is that the underwater housing doesn’t work with the new camera, so i better get to selling that thing pretty quick.

it’s been rough

it’s been a rough week at work this week. it started off pretty crazy with all sorts of technical things going wrong. as the week progressed, things just don’t seem to be getting any better. in fact, if anything, it feels like the weight of the week has been pressing down on me.

i think that i need a break. i need some vacation time. it’s been too long and though i don’t feel like i’m burnt out, i certainly do feel like i need a break from this. what i have been doing to try to get my mind off work is to all sorts of stuff that has been on the back burner for ages.

we got new silverware. i know. it’s only been a year since we moved into the house, but we just finally got a new set of silverware. i haven’t been allowed to get new silverware from ikea to complete the rapidly depleting set i already had because christi wanted nice silverware. and sure, we’re old enough where we can have silverware that costs more than 10 cents a piece, i guess. i can’t find a picture of it online anywhere, though, but they are longer than usual pieces of flatware with a weird curve in the handle.

i STILL haven’t installed our closet system. i bought a prybar the other week so really all i need to do is tear down the old and install the new. i will get around to it, i really will.

but i DID buy an electric string trimmer. i’ve never used one before, but i was looking at our neighbor’s finely manicured lawn and was wondering what it was that was different from my lawn and theirs. and it was the edging. they have their lawn nicely edged. since we have SO MUCH money leftover from lowe’s gift cards, i decided to go splurge and buy a trimmer. it turns out that they aren’t really all that expensive, but they are LOADS of fun to use.

why, hello there, weed. have you met the fury of my string trimmer? let me introduce you two. i also edged the lawn and some of the flowers on the walkway. it does look like i’m going to have to learn how to use this a bit better, as my trimming was a little crooked and curvy, but still, grass grows fast, it’ll be fine.