man, i am such a programmer

i was asked to help take care of the web site maintenance of one of the volleyball leagues that i play in. the web site does not have lots of massive updates, but there are updates here and there for announcements and the like. i also have the responsibility to update the web site on a weekly basis to update the team standings.

i, of course, had to write code to facilitate the management of all of this stuff because doing the math every week and keeping track of everything was more work than i really should be trusted to do. but last night was the first night of league, so i finally was able to try out the scripts and it looks like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. pretty cool.

another bike ride

i biked to work again. that’s three days in a row. talk about a streak, here…for me, anyway. the ride was actually much more enjoyable this morning as the cool morning air rushed by me while i was riding into work. paul’s new slicks have increased my average speed by about 5 mph and i am very easily cruising at around 15 mph. pretty cool!

speaking of cool, did you hear about the oreo cookie spill in illinois? apparently a truck carrying something like 20,000 pounds of oreos fell on its side and spilled its cargo of oreo cookies all over I-80. i would have totally have helped with the clean up for that spill.

when i told christi that i’m going to be biking to work this mornnig, she giggled to herself. it is not that funny, yo!