free wifi at the southwest terminal in san jose

the san jose southwest terminals now have little benches with power outlets (both standard outlets as well as usb power outlets!) throughout the terminal. they also provide free wifi throughout the terminal which is how i’m blogging now while waiting for my flight. that is pretty cool.

speed of the connection is pretty good. i wonder if this is just a pilot program before they go to some kind of pay service. that would be a shame, but i guess that’s one way that the airports make their money.

i’m sort of surprised that we haven’t started boarding yet. i considered briefly doing some work before the flight is ready to leave, but i think i’m going to dust off the DS and try to play it some. i haven’t touched the thing since forever.

cindy called me outraged at how far away i’m staying from the wedding. it is true that i will be far away from long beach. i hadn’t really considered just how far i would be. it’s ok, though, i want to go visit warren and check out the house, the projector, and his sound setup. tomorrow, i will amble over to the area, hang out before the wedding, and get ready at the wedding site. it should be ok. half of my luggage comprised of my camera gear and shoes. stupid bulky shoes!

i got stopped at the security gate and they unpacked my camera gear and tested each piece of my camera stuff, for what i presume to be explosives. they didn’t find anything. then i packed all the stuff back up and here i am waiting for the flight.

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  1. Aw, I wasn’t outraged that you were staying far from the wedding, I felt HORRIBLE at the long drives you’d have to take from the city where you’re staying to/from the wedding, and had I known you were staying so far, I would’ve (and in fact, belatedly did) insisted you stay with us. I already feel guilty enough that you’re traveling all the way down this weekend for our wedding, I didn’t want to add more inconvenience. But then I found out you WANT to visit Warren and check out his projector unit so then I felt better.

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