trust me

TNT’s new show “trust me” was a show that i had marked to watch but never did until tonight. three episodes into it and i think that it is fantastic. starring eric mccormack (of will and grace fame) and thomas cavanagh (of ed and eli stone fame), these two guys carry the show with their quick-witted banter and opposing views on life. set in an ad agency, you see the duo in a modern day adventure through the cutthroat business of the advertising world.

sarah clarke (of 24 fame) and monica potter (of boston legal fame) round out the cast of notables. monica potter’s character is neurotic and lovable. great fast paced writing with some cool humor sprinkled throughout the show that’s able to tug at your heartstrings, this show immediately caught and held my attention in the first episode.

i recommend giving it a look, it’s a good watch.

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