finally installed the closet system

what? yeah. remember the closet system i ordered almost a year ago? well, i have been REALLY lagging on installing it. why?

it looks like the closet system is pretty easy to install, but our closet had some existing pieces of particle board nailed to the walls. i had to buy a prybar to get it off. that was a little daunting.

then i had to spackle the nail holes and not so little holes i made into the wall getting the supports of the existing shelf and rods off.

THEN after all of that was done, i had to install the new system. the new system is configurable which means that i had to decide how i wanted the new shelves and rods set up. that took some time to do, but finally, finally after nearly a year, i installed the closet system in our master bedroom.

and let me tell you, it is fantastic. we have a lot more storage space in our closet and things actually appear organized. i’m really glad that i finally got it installed, it’s like having a whole new closet now. the big question is…should i install a closet system in some of our other bedrooms? i can see how it can definitely come in handy because we don’t really have dressers, but we’ll see.

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