everydns.net – epic fail

looks like everydns.net DNS servers have stopped resolving hostnames at around 4:30PM today. talk about an epic fail, how do redundant systems like DNS fail like this? i hope it’s a massive DoS attack and not just someone making a really big mistake. =P

it’s too bad that all of my hosting for my domains is done through them and now i’m completely down too.


maybe i should run my own DNS server…

aggressive salespeople

man, how hard must it be to be a salesperson in this economy. i was at fry’s the other day and while perusing the blu-ray section, i was approached by a directv salesperson. she told me that she was invited by fry’s to pitch their services. i told her politely that i was not interested and she left me alone.

then a few minutes later, a different salesperson approached me from the directv group and asked me if i was interested in their services. i told him that someone already approached me and i was not interested. he then asked me if i was informed about their special in-store only promotion. at this point, i was really annoyed and told him i hate directv and i’m not interested.

a minute later, a fry’s associate approached me and asked me how i was doing. i thought he saw my interaction with the directv salespeople and so i told him that i was annoyed at the directv salespeople who were harassing me while i was shopping.

the fry’s associate told me that that was too bad and i told him that they started their pitch by informing me that fry’s had invited them to the store. i told him that i thought they were annoying and he replied that it was his manager’s choice to do so. i told him that he should tell his manager that i thought that they were annoying. he said ok.

then he has the audacity to ask me if i was interested in a fry’s electronics credit card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i looked at him and said no. he started his pitch, but you can save 20% off your first purchase. i told him that i didn’t like saving money and walked away.

i know they are just trying to do their jobs, but man, that kind of aggressive sales pitching in-store is enough to turn me away from shopping there.

root beer floats

whenever i make a root beer float, i probably use about 4 times as much ice cream than a typical recipe calls for. this makes for a fantastically creamy and rather largely misnamed root beer float. nothing is really floating in my root beer float, instead it is one big lump of semi-root beer flavored vanilla ice cream.

i never understood how one scoop of ice cream would be enough for a root beer float. it’s the ice cream that makes the dessert! i bought a tub of ice cream and root beer for the office and i thought that everyone would jump at the chance to make their own root beer floats, but this was not the case. i’m surprised, really. it’s free root beer floats, people!