brand new machine

so i have decided to build a new machine. this decision comes after much deliberation about whether or not i would need one, what kind to build, and just how much money i would budget for it.

usually a desktop for me has a budget of around $500. dells make great desktops. they are cheap, they are reliable, and work great. my last few desktops have been dells and i have been very pleased with them.

this time, though, i knew that i wanted to build a desktop that could deal with the processing requirements of editing video. and not just any video, but HD video. and so the quest began.

really, when it comes to editing video, it’s all about the software. and when it comes to software, i think that the mac software reigns king. so what to do? i looked at mac pros and holy cow, they are EXPENSIVE. you’re looking at over $3000 for a machine.

sure the cases are beautiful, but…man.

and so the next choice was to start looking at an osx86 solution. it turns out that you can build a pretty decent machine for about $1000 with supported hardware.

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