the ultimate testing machine

i have a spare laptop that has been collecting dust for a while now and i haven’t been able to figure out how to make it useful. but over the weekend, i have finally found a good cause for it.

the ultimate testing machine has a bunch of VMs on it.
1) Windows XP w/ IE 6
2) Windows XP w/ IE 7
3) Windows XP w/ IE 8
4) Windows Vista w/ IE 7
5) Windows Vista w/ IE 8
6) Fedora Core 11

all windows VMs also have Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.5, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

the host OS is Mac OS X, where I have installed Safari, Firefox, and Opera. so if there’s a browser/OS config i want to test, i think i have the popular platforms covered. now, if there was only an easy way to have different versions of flash installed…i guess i can 2x the number of VMs i have…

4 thoughts on “the ultimate testing machine”

  1. How much hard drive space do all of your VM instances take up? I’m at 29GB for my IE6 and IE7 instances on my laptop. Too much!

  2. I get conflicting reports. Finder reports:

    5 total Windows VMs occupy 38GB.
    4.3GB Windows XP – IE 6
    4.5GB Windows XP – IE 7
    5.9GB Windows XP – IE 8
    10.8GB Windows Vista – IE 7
    11.3GB Windows Vista – IE 8

    But if I open up Terminal and do a du:
    9.0GB Windows XP – IE 6
    9.5GB Windows XP – IE 7
    12.6GB Windows XP – IE 8
    22.7GB Windows Vista – IE 7
    23.6GB Windows Vista – IE 8

    so i don’t know what’s going on there…

    i don’t think that i would ever install all these versions on my primary laptop, it’s a lot of hard drive space. my primary laptop has 1 Windows VM which is booting from a boot camp partition so that i can dual boot.

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