how has fatherhood been?

people ask me this all the time. it’s been 7.5 months since kyden has been born and the transition from being a carefree married man to a father has been quite the journey so far.

i have always had an idea of what fatherhood would be like, but you just never know until you live it.

things i did not expect:
the first few weeks were the hardest. the lack of sleep, the newness of it all was something that was just a little bit overwhelming. was kyden eating enough? why is he not burping? is his poo supposed to look like that? (sorry, that might have been TMI :P)

things i did expect:
it would be great. i had this fuzzy notion that it was going to be tough, but i have always thought that fatherhood would be great, rewarding, fun, and exciting. my energy level sometimes may not necessarily reflect how much i enjoy watching kyden grow up, but it really has been a joy.

sure, waking up at 7AM (compared to 10AM) is tough. chasing after kyden now that he has learned how to crawl can be exhausting. but still, it’s been a blast.

so, fatherhood? it’s fantastic. exhausting. rewarding.