sick and scary

i went to the doctor’s office today because i haven’t been feeling well all week. i developed a cough two days ago and yesterday i decided it was time to see a doctor. after drugging myself up with some nighttime comtrex, i fell asleep around 9 and didn’t wake up until 7 the next morning.

so after the doctor visit, i went to get some food for lunch. the restaurant wasn’t open yet, so i deposited a check that i had been holding on to for a while. in my haste, i neglected to retrieve my ATM card from the machine and i went to get lunch.

after shopping around a little bit, i was about to pay for lunch when i realized that i did not have my ATM card with me anymore. in a panic, i rushed back to the ATM and went into the bank to ask if anyone returned my card. questions raced through my head like:

“will someone be good-natured enough to return a card if they saw one in an ATM?”

“and even if they did return it, would someone copy the numbers off of it and place a charge later?”

“do i need to cancel the card?”

it turned out that after some period of inactivity, the ATM will automatically take the ATM card and store it for safekeeping. the bank staff opened up the ATM and my card was there waiting for me.

that’s more stress than i need while sick…heck, that’s more stress than i need even when i’m healthy!