Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-11

  • This morning Kyden crawled up to me, looked at me, flopped his head down and fell asleep. Must've been tired. #
  • Just got these cookies: Cow chip cookies. Is this what passes as smart marketing? Cookies were good though. #
  • At the eBay fashion show where employees are showing off fashions bought from the eBay fashion vertical. #
  • Lisa and Paul are going to throw it down in a buffet eating contest. I think Paul might have about 100 pounds on her. #
  • Killing some time before the wedding at Starbucks in Harrah's. #
  • Lunch is awful, awful. #
  • Lost in the Circus Circus parking lot. Send help…and pearl tea…and a donut. #
  • Finally, they are going to put in Carr. You're our only hope! #NFL #49ers #
  • OMG they aren't putting in Carr. #WTF #

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