oh yeah, the reason behind the blog

i’ve been fighting it for a long, long time now. i didn’t want to be known as a blogger. i didn’t think that it would be good for me to start up blogging. i liked that i did things in an archaic way. i liked that i made life hard for myself and wrote everything myself. i liked that i could only update once a day. i liked that i could only update from a machine that had very specific software on it. really…i did.

but i guess my stubborness has finally changed. maybe i’ve finally seen the light, i don’t know. i think that what really sparked the whole blog software thing for me is the fact that i have two friends now who are hosting their blogs off my server using blogging software…and after i set up the software for them it looked really cool.

i started up my tv blog just to test out software, and i think that i will stop that because i don’t like the software and i’ll just add the tv blog to this site. i’ll just have to see how i can import the entries from the other site to here. we’ll see, i guess.

but i’ve looked at movable type, and though i sort of like the idea of publishing static HTML, the appeal of having dynamic PHP content really made the case for a PHP based blogger tool. and so i’ve found this….pMachine, which looks sort of cool. I’m not totally happy with its templating power, but i like this more than b2, so i think i’ll stick it out and use this from now on.

dammit….i’ve become a blogger.

3 thoughts on “oh yeah, the reason behind the blog”

  1. dynamic PHP content is basically anything that isn’t just normal text…like i could put in a rotating image or i could write code that will put my stock ticker information on my page that gets updated and what have you…

    and geez, i haven’t even published this URL yet…stop looking at your referrer logs!

  2. yes. you are now a blogger. don’t feel too bad. we’ll all eventually succumb to the blog. (i wonder when carol will? she’ll definitely be one of the last, haha)

    thanks for the cake dude.

    and what does it mean to have “dynamic PHP content?”

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