pizza, games, and otherwise

last night i had everything planned. i was going to leave work early so that i could go and pick up a birthday cake for dardy and also pizza for everyone else. the usual bowling crowd has temporarily moved bowling over to a more general “fun night out”. last week we played cards, this week was a video game night.

it seemed like everything was in order…i had given myself extra time in case there was a problem with the ice cream cake. i was trying to get them to make orange icing for the lettering for the cake, but they didn’t have any, so i settled for red. oh well. the cake didn’t take as long as i thought it would, but the pizza…the pizza took a lot longer than i expected.

i ordered 3 large pizzas: 2 combos and 1 pizza half sausage and pepperoni, half veggie. they messed up the order and made a large sausage and pepperoni, instead. so they gave me a small veggie pizza to make up for it, free of charge. cool!

so finally, when i got to the apartment at 8:05pm, 5 minutes after i told everyone to meet at my place, i was shocked to find that there were people waiting for me. is this the same crowd that consistently shows up half an hour late to bowling all the time? i wasn’t sure.

but we all went got in from the brutal cold and warmed up with some pizza. the games started shortly thereafter. the big three games of choice were a racing game, a football game, and CHU CHU ROCKET! i love that game. it is what makes the dreamcast platform worth it.

sort of a guy’s night out, though there were a few girls in the mix, who i think were a little bored. oh well, maybe we’ll do a card night next week…actually, i sort of feel like playing pool, so maybe we’ll hit a pool hall and pearl tea or something.


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