cinnabon popcorn

you know you’ve met your match when you go to get popcorn and you are met with [url=]orville redenbacher’s cinnabon cinnamon butter popcorn[/url]. for even my insatiable sweet tooth, this box of popcorn was quite the challenge. not that i mind, i love cinnabon, but i can barely finish one of those things. but take the frosted goodness of a cinnabon bun and add it to popcorn and what do you get? dare i say that it is even better than kettle corn? dare i? i do believe i do dare dat.

this is it

today is the day.

i’ve put much thought and consideration into it and if it doesn’t happen today, i can see no forseeable time in which it will happen. so i’m going to muster as much courage as i can and i’m going to do what needs to be done.


today i am going to get a haircut.