more than a couple of days

let’s play catch up a little, shall we? my brother threw a gigantic christmas dinner at home over the weekend. 78 people showed up in all and i have never seen so many people in the house before in my life. my parents decided to go out on a date that evening while my brother entertained the masses. the whole event was rather amazing, though i’m sure that clean up must have been a nightmare. still, it was very impressive that he was able to put the whole thing together and there was plenty of food to be had by all.

i left dinner early to arrive at warren’s holiday party late. there were some familiar faces around and we eventually sat down to play some poker. josh took third place, danny took second, and i ended up winning that evening. it was getting late at night and so the game had to be ended with a round of acey-duecy. i am not a fan of the game and much would have prefered to keep playing poker, but still it was nice to play a little bit.

i’m behind in my christmas shopping. really, really behind. it’s no joke. i think that i’m going to have to go on a bit of a shopping spree this week to be able to finish up all of the shopping that i have to do. kind of scary. oh well, maybe people will get their gifts late this year.

and as always, the brilliant idea i had of making xmas cards this year stayed just that…an idea.


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