too much food

i went to a&j which in san jose is now called ASJ restaurant and ordered way too much food. i thought that i could eat soup and potstickers, but on a whim i decided to order dumplings as well. i forgot that dumplings came in a serving of 12 and that potstickers came in a serving of 8. i ended up not touching any of the soup. i guess i’ll eat that tomorrow.

now i just have to wait for the food co…


volleyball was a lot of fun yesterday.  it was the first night of my regular monday night team in a new league.  there were some familiar faces and some new faces.  some people recognized me, but i didn’t recognize them.  =P  the teams we played were fun and it was good to be able to play some volleyball after what felt like a ridiculously long break.

there’s nothing more satisfying than to go up for a hit and see the entire front line triple blocking you.  that’s respect, yo!  i was hitting pretty decently last night and it was nice to feel like i was back in the groove.

three nights of volleyball a week.  i wonder if i will ever be too sore to play.