superbowl sunday

it’s superbowl sunday and i’ve actually got a fair amount of to do today.  i’m going to go to henry’s superbowl party, but because there is volleyball tonight, it looks like i will have to leave the party early to make the trek down to san jose to play vball tonight.

last week’s volleyball was not pretty.  i wasn’t feeling well and had a pretty bad off night.  my team is not faring quite as well as i thought we would on paper, but i think that that will change soon.  the sunday league is supposed to be for fun, so hopefully it’ll stay fun.  =)

tomorrow is going to start a week of big work for me.  i’m not sure how much i’ll get done, but i think that i’m going to be pretty busy at work.  i’ve been doing some work at home and on the weekends lately and i can’t wait until this project is done.  i’m starting to feel overwhelmed.