big download

i’m waiting now for a data dump to finish downloading so i can get some work done.  it’s a roughly 8GB transfer that i just started.

let’s see, the connection is a 1Mb/s connection, so that’s 1,000,000 bps  * 1byte/8bit = 125kB/s.  now there’s network latency and other people sharing this connection, so let’s say that i’m really transferring at about 100kB/s which i think is a little fast, but let’s pretend that’s correct.  that’s 1MB every 10 seconds, or 6MB per minute.  in an hour, i can transfer 360MB.

that means it’ll only take 22 hours before my download is done.  hmmm, it’ll be done by end of day friday!  i guess my work is done for the week.  i should go home for the weekend.

a valentine’s day conversation

i was talking to a friend and we were talking about valentine’s day. our conversation went something like this:

friend: are you doing anything for valentine’s day?
me: yeah, pretty mellow, but i’m going to try making one of her favorite dishes for dinner and i’ve bought a harder to find bottle of one of her favorite wines. how about you?
friend: yeah, i can’t cook, so we’re going to go out to dinner.
me: oh that’s cool.
friend: do you buy flowers? my girlfriend has been complaining lately that i haven’t bought her flowers recently.
me: oh yeah?
friend: yeah, i bought my mom flowers for her birthday and she complained about how it is such a waste of money to buy flowers. and i was just thinking to myself, “see, that’s how a woman is supposed to think!”
friend: but yeah…

my friend cracks me up.

marble mocha macchiato

i tried starbucks’ new drink, the marble mocha macchiato.  at first the drink was quite bitter, but then i used the chocolate mixing stick provided by starbucks and this drink suddenly becomes a sweet chocolately delight.  it could very well be my favorite drink there now.

this starbucks habit is starting to finally hit me.  my day doesn’t quite feel like it has started until i’ve gotten my fix.  this has got to be bad.