more on beauty and the geek

i just watched last week’s beauty and the geek.  i really like this show.  this week the geek’s had to pick a dress and lingerie for their beauties and do a photo shoot with them.  i think it’s really interesting to watch the guys who have never really taken a picture before to now shoot full on shoots.  they had assistants help with lighting and all, but still, it was pretty interesting to watch.

what i noticed was that the models all really had different ideas on what they felt comfortable doing and it really showed through in the pictures.  it’s been a while since i taken a portrait of anyone, but i think that i will have to keep in mind that making sure the model is comfortable is the most important thing to a successful picture.

the beauties had to go to a bar with no make up wearing ugly clothes and try to get guys to buy drinks for them.  i think that it was a great lesson learned for them to realize how hard it is for other people in similar situations.

but the best part of the show was when they made the beauties ask out the geeks.  they were all nervous, they had anxiety about it, and they all were taken out of their comfort zone.