the start of all things new

the start of the new volleyball season is upon us. it’s been weeks since i’ve last played and so i think that it’ll be a pretty rusty effort tonight. i’m hoping that my soreness from the weekend’s festivities won’t be too much of a hampering for tonight.

today is also the first day back from vacation. it wasn’t as bad of a transition as i thought it would be, but it still has been a bit of an adjustment to get back into the swing of things. it looks like it is going to be another busy quarter, though. every time i think that things will be slowing down, i’m wrong. =P

the other thing that i’m going to be trying to do is to eat a little bit healthier. this doesn’t necessarily mean that i will be eating healthy, but rather that i will try not to eat as much bad stuff. is that really any better? i’m not sure.

after volleyball tonight, i’m going to try work on the big wedding web site. christi and i have started a blog there. it isn’t public yet, but we’ve got a he said-she said format. there’s still a lot of work on the web site that needs to be done. it’s starting to get a little daunting.

speaking of all things new, i briefly looked at what it takes to become an ordained minister to perform a wedding ceremony. it looks like it is pretty easy and can be done all online and done quickly. it’s sort of frightening how easy one can be ordained. i had passingly mentioned to a friend that i would be their officiant because they were talking about needing to find one. i can set up a whole marrying business. i would call myself “Mike the Marrier” or something equally silly. it’d be fun.

back from vacation!

i’m back from vacation. the cayman islands were great! the weather was nice, topping out in the low 80s and i think it might have gotten as cold as 67 or so. man, what a nice break from the FREEZING weather here. actually, today isn’t so bad, but the nights do get a wee bit chilly.

i did a lot of diving while at the cayman islands, i took some pictures (some awful underwater ones too!) and with every new outing when taking pictures, i think that i learn something new. what i learned about underwater photography is that you need very powerful lights. yeah, what i had with me was woefully inadequate. i guess that just means that i need to go spend a zillion dollars worth of gear to take nice pictures underwater. oh well.

now that i’m back from vacation, we’re in full swing with two major things: the wedding and buying a house. buying a house freaks me out. housing prices are still pretty outrageous here in the bay area and the kind of house that we want is pretty expensive. single family homes can be cheap, however, if you don’t mind living in the ghetto. unfortunately, living in the ghetto is not something that i would really like to do, so the house hunting continues.

i even got pre-approved and everything for a house so it seems like i know what kind of a budget i have for the house and all, but as i am going through all of these motions, every so often i pause and i admire at all of the big grownup things that i’m doing. it’s like i’m an adult or something.

does the house have good schools nearby? what about the roof? what about termites? geez, i do sound like a grownup.

wedding planning is also in full swing. i’m going to be working furiously to get the wedding web site up, too. from what i understand, it’s going to be fantabulous.